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((Taught by Professor Mongoose head of Slytherin household.))

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Emily smiled as she entered the classroom, her hand nervously gripping on her wolf necklace as she sat down. It appears she was the first one to enter.

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"Salutations,"Professor Mongoose greeted.

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"Good Afternoon Professor Mongoose" Emily greeted back with a polite nod. "Am I early...?" she asked worriedly.

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Professor Mongoose shook his head."Most of my student arrive just before the bell, as if they have a life,"he said cruely.

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Emily smiled at his attitude, she found him quite entertaining. "Will we be working on anything new today Professor..?" she asked softly.

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"Werewolves,"Mongoose gritted through his teeth."Nasty little things, aren't they?"

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"Uhm..." Emily looked down at her wolf necklace, wondering if she should be offended since her animagus was a wolf.

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"You'll learn more about them today,"Professor Mongoose said, not noticing her necklace. He walked off.

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Emily nodded as she shrank in her seat, fidgeting with her quill. She always giggled when she stroked the feather under her chin, yet she still kept the Professor's comment in mind.

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Lance ran into the class just before the bell, he sat down next to Emily."Hey,"he panted.

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"You're lucky you made it" Emily chuckled, sitting up straight in her seat.

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Professor Mongoose growled at Lance's almost lateness.

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"I know right,"Lance agreed, smiling.

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"Oh, I'm Emily, Gryffindor Seeker" She smiled proudly, holding out a hand.

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Kaden entered and bowed at the Professor. " Good day Professor. I apologize for being late,I hope you will forgive me sir." He said in polite and honey smooth voice, looking down in a humble position.

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((That's not how you RP))

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Zack ran into the class, even though he didn't have that class untill after lunch. He ran up to Emily."Will you go to the Yule Ball with me, Emily?"he asked.

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Emily a bit surprised, blushed softly, her eyes widened. "I-I dont know.." she stammered, taken by surprised, yet her gaze softened as she smile. "Give me time to think about it and I'll let you know soon" she smiled.

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Katy, who was in the classroom at the time, turned red.

Professor Mongoose turned red also."GET OUT OF MY CLASS!"he snarled.

Zack looked at the Professor, he gulped in a breath of air."I'll see ya later,"he said to Emily and then ran off.

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Lance shrank in his seat.

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Kaden, grimaced, when he heard Zach. Kaden walked over and sat beside Katy.

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Katy looked at Kaden.

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He got up quickly out of the seat beside Katy looking at her he says. " I'm sorry I should have asked first, you don't mind if I sit here do you, or are you saving it for someone?" " I didn't mean to be rude."

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"It's okay,"Katy replied.

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Kaden nodded his thanks and sat down again.

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Katy looked through her notes.

Professor Mongoose got back on with the class."Werewolves can only change during a full moon,"he informed."Most of them when they changes have a strange taste for human flesh, expecially children like you."

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Kaden smiled, poked Katy, " Hear that a werewolf want to eat your flesh. teasingly he whispered leaning over towards her.

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Katy laughed.

Mongoose swung his head toward her."THERE IS NOTHING FUNNY ABOUT IT,"He yelled."DETENTION TO BOTH OF YOU."

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Kaden Jumped up. " Sir it was all my fault. I was making a joke about a werewolf and a poked her, which tickled her. So she was not Laughing at your sir, it was me." he said looking at the Mongoose.

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"Very well, detention for you,"Professor Mongoose droned and then finished the rest of his class.

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Kaden whent up to Mongoose, " What is my detention sir?" he asked polity

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"You shall scrub my floor with a toothbrush without magic,"He snapped.

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Kaden bowed respectfully, with a faint smile playing at his lips and, went scrubbed the floor.

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"Good,"He finished and walked off.

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Grabbing her books and parchment, Emily sashayed out of the class and into the corridors, her hair swishing against her face.

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Demonfang-cut em up!! wrote: ""Very well, detention for you,"Professor Mongoose droned and then finished the rest of his class."

((The lesson was finished...))

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{ah ok...lemme just edit my post then xD}

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Lance walked out of the room.

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