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message 1: by Cassie Cruel, Adult Expert (last edited Sep 18, 2014 08:12AM) (new)

Cassie Cruel (faith_isola) | 1384 comments Mod
Has anyone read this series?

Covet (Fallen Angels, #1) by J.R. Ward Crave (Fallen Angels, #2) by J.R. Ward Envy (Fallen Angels, #3) by J.R. Ward Rapture (Fallen Angels, #4) by J.R. Ward Possession (Fallen Angels, #5) by J.R. Ward


Immortal (Fallen Angels, #6) by J.R. Ward

Maria Pussycat I really like the first one, Covet, but the second one, well it has been on 'my currently reading' for ages... I tend to simultaneously read more than one book, and I guess I got into Fever, and now I don't see to be able to engage...but I'll finish it soon...

JoJo - JJJ (Jo Anna) Janesko (JoJoJoAnna) | 13 comments Angels, what have I stumbled upon?

message 4: by Cassie Cruel, Adult Expert (new)

Cassie Cruel (faith_isola) | 1384 comments Mod
@Maria - me too I love the BDB series and abso devour them but them the first page I struggle with, but I have been told they get better?

@Jojo - Yup angels for an angel lol but these are Adult. Did you go check them out?

JoJo - JJJ (Jo Anna) Janesko (JoJoJoAnna) | 13 comments no :(

message 6: by Cassie Cruel, Adult Expert (new)

Cassie Cruel (faith_isola) | 1384 comments Mod
Would you like me to post a blurb? :)

JoJo - JJJ (Jo Anna) Janesko (JoJoJoAnna) | 13 comments sure.

message 9: by Cassie Cruel, Adult Expert (new)

Cassie Cruel (faith_isola) | 1384 comments Mod
Redemption isn't a word Jim Heron knows much about - his specialty is revenge and, to him, sin is all relative. But everything changes when he becomes a fallen angel and is charged with saving the souls of seven people from the seven deadly sins. And failure is not an option. Vin Di Pietro long ago gave himself up to his business - until fate intervenes in the form of a tough-talking, Harley-riding, self-professed saviour, and a woman who makes him question his destiny. With an ancient evil ready to claim him, Vin has to work with a fallen angel not only to win his beloved over...but to redeem his very soul

message 10: by Holly (new)

Holly (holjo) I've read the first two. I wrote a review of Covet on my page if you want to check it out. I haven't gotten around to writing one for Crave yet, but I think Crave was better. Honestly, they aren't as all-consuming as BDB was for me. Covet in particular dragged at times. I think the series will be worth reading, but lets face it - BDB is going to be a pretty tough act to follow.

JoJo - JJJ (Jo Anna) Janesko (JoJoJoAnna) | 13 comments Sounds very interesting Cassie.. I love Angels an sort of them.

message 12: by Carole-Ann (new)

Carole-Ann (blueopal) Funnily enough, I've read both of these and found them terribly boring, and nothing whatever like BDB (which I wasn't expecting since this was to be a new series).

I was really disappointed that I didn't like them, but I just can't put my finger on what was wrong :(

Maria Pussycat Agree with all of you, nothing compared to BDB which I really, really like, and yet, just like you Carole, can't really explain why they don't engage me ...specially Crave...

message 14: by J.A. (new)

J.A. Belfield (jabelfield) Man, I was thinking of giving these a go but you're all putting me off. Should I just stick with the brothers?

message 15: by Carole-Ann (new)

Carole-Ann (blueopal) They're TOTALLY different to BDB.....

PNR essentially, but (to my mind) not very well done. As I mentioned before, I got bored - and that's very unusual - I'm quite expert at picking up good books (50 yrs experience!!), but I did read only the first two (third one is out sometime now).

It's possible that if you haven't drowned in PNR lately you might find them OK - but there are a lot better ones out there anyway.

Personal opinion - I think Ward is latching on to the PNR bandwagon (she does write ordinary romance too), so is trying something different. Success with the BDB might have initiated this foray into an alternative series, but I don't think it's working.

message 16: by J.A. (new)

J.A. Belfield (jabelfield) I certainly haven't read as much pnr as you have Carole-Ann but I doubt anyone has, lol.

I'll stay on the fence about these ones then--unless I happen to adopt or win a copy. ;o)

message 17: by Kaye620 (new)

Kaye620 | 18 comments I've read all three that are out. I liked the first book Covet (The Fallen Angels, #1) by J.R. Ward a lot, even better than I did BDB. I was really looking forward to the third book Envy (Fallen Angels Series #3) by J.R. Ward that came out this month. It wasn't bad but it didn't live up to the first two. I wish I had waited for it at the library instead of buying it. I'm glad I read the books and will continue with the series. I'll just wait for it to come to my local library next time around.

message 18: by J.A. (new)

J.A. Belfield (jabelfield) I'm going to give Covet a go and see how I get on--once I'm through Lover Mine. :o)

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