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Nyghtmare | 540 comments Mod
Well next month will be a little different....
Here are the reasons:
1. You can have up to 3 entries.
Ex. Entry 1- bla bla bla for the title
2. It can be in any style and any genre
The writing contest ITSELF is about past memories. Whether it would be a past relationship. First day of school. Last day of school. First kiss. Bla bla bla.
Anything counts in Memories.
This contest will go on for the whole month of July and I encourage people to enter this one.
Then the whole month of August would be to narrow it down to this:
First place
Second place
Third place
There will be a certain number of votes you need to go on to the next round.
If you have any questions please feel free to ask me.
It starts the first and ends the 31st. but the polls are a WHOLE MONTH!
Good luck and have fun with this one!
~Laura. Head mod

Laura hasn't been feeling good so I just copied and pasted this....

Cissi "Invisible but Invincible" (cissiinvisiblebutinvincible) | 104 comments Entry 1- It All Ends
Staring into the blankness,
I realize-
this is it,
This is the end,
After this, It's all over.

But then I think,
"How silly"-
It's not done,
we're not finished here,
it will stay with us

Today I awoke solemnly,
Breaking down-
No more premieres,
No more crazy interactions,
the experience is over now,

Last night, I tried,
My hardest-
Twas a blast,
flashes of the past,
With people who could understand,

I dressed quickly then,
Not wasteful-
Pulled on tights,
my skirt and button-down,
my robes and my boots,

I finished the preparations,
very cautiously-
Tied my tie,
for the last time,
touched up the dripping eyeliner,

And left my prison,
my house-
The soft colors,
the muggle cleaning supplies,
walls that keep me trapped.

Withdrawing my own wand,
I worked-
Tapping my map,
And whispering the words,
that it has always needed,

And touched a finger,
Soft, thin-
To the mark,
on my left forearm,
waiting for it to begin.

I stood among others,
once there-
Others like me,
Others who got it,
Who knew what I meant.

We all shared glances,
heavy, full-
All the same,
Our own strong legion,
flooding the building's wide halls,

And enthused over the
past, present-
Hummed the tunes,
re-enacted our favorite scenes,
together, never about to go.

And finally went in,
to meet-
Our own demise,
And the pleasant future,
of everything we've believed in.

Of everything that ever-
We've ever-
Invested ourselves into,
believed and wished for,
Hoped and dreamed just for,

It's everything I remember,
and is-
Consuming my mind,
Without any small doubt,
the best thing that happened.

The best thing that
ever happened-
To each "myself",
To every "each other",
And to all of us.

RIP, Harry Potter. You'll never leave any of us.

Cissi "Invisible but Invincible" (cissiinvisiblebutinvincible) | 104 comments Entry 2- Chasing Memories

I'm collecting memories
Of who I used to be, 
Though I haven't recollection,
I feel the idea's attraction.

It started with a smile,
Slow and languid and lasting,
Like a slap in the face,
But it ended in it's passing,

The next a twinge of silence,
Haunting and sweet and fluid,
A pinch in the bottom of myself,
And a ringing, loud and shrewd.

Prompting me to
Be collecting memories,
Of what I used to see,
No time for my reflection,
I don't even find the attraction.

It continues with a softening glance,
Profuse and angry, empathetic,
That molded to the latter,
Breaking the pretense of the plastic,

As the casing fell through, 
I collapsed into the warm arms,
And I smelled a scent so pure,
I had to feel alarmed,

I'm always collecting memories,
In everything I sense or see,
Don't know much of my complexion,
Not into looking that direction,

The scent was the first of many,
And they hit me at odd times,
A breeze blew one to me,
While I was in my primes,

Another in a shirt sleeve,
As I leaned, laughing, into your arm,
And I froze and tossed my hair back,
And you watched sadly, my expression's fall,

I hate collecting memories,
It's all that I can seem to reach,
I no longer find attraction,
In findings of my past's end.

It's all things that I can't ever place,
All of these names, they have no face,
But memories that can't be replaced,
Grown foggy with the passing days.


I used to chase my memories,
To know what I was supposed to be,
Until I noticed the attraction 
In the idea of putting my real dreams in action.

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