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Brendon drove to the park, and parked his car in the near vacant lot. He used to come here a lot when the place was functioning and popular, when he was around 6. Now, it just held an eerie silence, unsaid memories he couldnt remember much of. The treesblew casually in the breeze, ashe swung open his door.

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1128 comments Harvey looked outside. Why were they there? Harvey got out of the car and closed the door. "Umm Brendon, can I ask why are we here?" The place looked ruined with the uncut grass.Harvey took a deep breath of the fresh air with a beloved smile. So good.

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Brendon smiled. "I wanted to go some place personal. Where...You know...We could talk." He shut the door behind him, and began aalking to a bench near the rusty play structure. "We dont have to stay here...I just didnt know where else to go..."

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1128 comments Harvey nodded and followed. "This is fine, really. This place looks like it used to be good. Wonder what turned everyone away...." Harvey thought for a while. Gang violence? Disease out break? Sex offenders? Hell, could be anything but this place seemed pretty cool. "Well, Brendon, talk to me." Harvey was ready to listen to what Brendon had to say.

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Brendon took a seat on the bench, sliding over for Harvey. "I just wanted to...Apologize. For the stupid jocks and everybody else who I claim to be friends with. Obviously, you saw how they treattheir own kind, no better than people not in their group. I always feel like im the balancing act...The peace maker...Im always apologizing for stuff other people do. But if it isnt me, who is going to do it?" He shook his head, hair falling in his face

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1128 comments "Ha, my life's the same way at times. My sister loves to protest and pick fights and I always try to jump in and settle it before anything crazy happens. I swear, if I wasn't there, where would I be and where would she be? I'm not sure but say sorry all the time ain't no fun." Harvey shook his head.

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Brendon laughed at his frankness. "They never respect me, either. All I do is please them...Run errands and join whatever they tell me to...Like football..." He gagged slightly, despising the word. "...And I get shit. Nothing out of it but a hollow and empty feeling. And no true friends. To be honest, I really just wanted to talk to you, just to get to know you. Have a friend out of the Popular circle. But we couldnt talk there..."

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1128 comments Harvey really felt bad. He had such a free life but Brendon didn't he was trapped in a clique of jerks. "I'm so sorry....I didn't know. Don't think I thought you were bad because you were, or you acted to be friends with them. And you can get to know me," Harvey sat close next to Brendon and put his hand on his thigh, "I'm here for you Brendon."

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Brendon let out a little sigh of relief. "T-thanks..." The hand...It made him nervous, yet giddy at the same time. "I just want to...Thank you for that." Right now, all he wanted was to forget the clique ever existed, let alone high school. "Enough with the seriousness. We should talk about you have a girlfriend?"

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1128 comments Harvey slowly moved his hand and folded them behind his head. "Naw...I've been out of a relationship for a while. A couple months. Maybe even a trouple!" He chuckled at his sad joke. "She's cheated on me, I'm not sure with who but she confessed she did and that she couldn't see me anyone. My sister says it was probably my fault but it's whatever. How about you?" Harvey looked over at Brendon.

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"I'm..." He knew he couldnt possibly lie to Harvey, but he didnt want to look like a jackass. "In and out of a relationship with the head Cheerio, Lorelei." He shrugged. "She doesnt seem that into me. Which is fine. I have mutual feelings for her, too."

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1128 comments "Oh. Why don't you two just break up if you guys don't feel, you know...? So you can both move on and fine someone else?" Harvey looked up into the sky.

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"Its just the image. She's using me to make guys jealous. But, they never really are jealous of me...They usually just laugh and say how unfit I am for her." He looked him in the eyes and clasped his hands together. "I dunno how it started for us...I think when I came to McKinnley, she wanted me. Evidently, she does kinda think im attractive...But then other guys, stronger and better looking than me, came along and I just started to fade. I dont think i've ever even...Kissed her..." He said.

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1128 comments Harvey sighed, "Never. Ever. Believe that you're less than anyone else. I know it can be a bad habit but going around thinking that you're less attractive or less strong," He shook his head, "You are a handsome, tough individual. Don't let anything tell you different, including yourself. And you know what, you should move on. You're closing yourself off to new opportunies." Harvey looked over at Brendon.

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"But, move on? Move on where? I wouldnt even know where to go from here?" He looked over at him, still dazed because of Harvey calling him handsome. He smiled shyly. "Once you're in the clique, you can never leave..." And, that was the truth. Unless he wanted to get beaten everyday. "But, then again, i'm a senior. And it'll all be over soon. You're right, I should move away..."

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1128 comments "No! Don't move away. What are you scare of? What's keeping you with those people?"

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"They always threaten me and..." He shook his head. "...Call me names and accuse me of stuff. I used to fight back at first, just with words. But it only makes it worse. A lot...Lot worse..." He could remember the time in 8th grade where the jocks pantsed him in gym class and stole his lunch money. That was feeble. Now in high school, the jocks would shove you in lockers if you didny do exactly as they said. Brendon shivered.

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1128 comments "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry. I wish there was something you could do....I wish I could help....I really do, I like you, man. You're real, and you have a heart. You're pretty cool too."

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Brendon nearly melted. "Ah....Thanks...You too..." Then, it dawned on him. "You know, you can help me..."

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1128 comments "Really? How?" Harvey lit up, smile and all. He loved being helpful. It was the best thing in the world to him.

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"You could..." He sighed heavily. "Let me...Hang out with you...?" His cheeks flushed as he said this

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1128 comments "Totally! No doubt that sounds awesome!" Harvey then noticed how Brendon looked, "Is there something else?"

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"Uh...Well..." And, before he said anything, he stopped himself. He wrapped his arms around Harvey and hugged him delicately. "Omg, thank you!!!"

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1128 comments Harvey couldn't help but to hug Brendon back. "You're so welcome, I'll be cool, no doubt!" He felt all warm and fuzzy for making someone day. "So awesome." He whispered. It had been a while since he had a male friend that wasn't his sister's friend or was gay and nearly molesting Harvey because they were gay drunks.

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Brendon pulled away, smiling. "Most guys would've hit me and called me Gaylord by now. Arent hugs awesome? But, sadly, nobody ever wants them..." This giddy side of him was slowly emerging. He wasnt concentrating on his speech, so his little hint of a lisp was showing.

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1128 comments Harvey shook his head, "It's fine, dude. Just be you. I won't call you names. I'm not like those other guys." He was surprised that, that hug felt so good. He sort of wanted another but he thought it would be weird to hug him again.

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Brendon leaned back. "I'll...I'll try..." He stared up at the clear sky, a smirk playing on his lips. "Are you bored? You want me to take you home or back to school?"

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1128 comments "School." Harvey took out his phone that had been on silent and saw that his sister call him eighteen times and texted him thirty-seven times and so
dis some of her friends. "Umm yeah but we don't have to go right away." He didn't really feel like dealing with his sister at the moment.

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He bit the inside of his cheek, drawing blood. He wasnt sure what to say to him. All he wanted to do was just watch him...Everytime he glanced at Harvey, he smiled and felt giddy all overagain. "Al...Alright..."

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1128 comments "Soooo....what now?" Harvey chuckled.

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"Um...Well..." He stood abruptly and motioned for him to do the same. "The only remotely interesting thing about this place is the pond...Follow me..."

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1128 comments "Cool." Harvey stood next to Brendon, ready to follow.

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He began casually walking, just looking at Harvey. "Um, we could...Talk about stuff? Like, stuff you do...What's your hobbies?" He knew he sounded lame, but he just tried to act cool and natural.

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1128 comments "Hmmmmm well, I play guitar sometimes and piano. I love to write stories and listen to music. I play video games and collect comic books and album covers. And I" Harvey began to blush.

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"Si...?" He asked, confused. "What, sing? Thats cool. Are you in glee?" He hadnt told the jocks, but he had actually tried out a week ago and was waiting for call-backs.

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1128 comments "No...I don't like singing in front of other people. It's strange." He blushed.

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"Oh." He said, sadly. "I'd love to hear you, though..." He hinted, elbowing him lightly.

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1128 comments "Ummm well....just don't tell anyone and don't make fun of me for the song I sing." Harvey looked worried.

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Brendon rolled his eyes. "Unless its the Dora the Explorer theme song, I promise I wont laugh!"

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1128 comments "Haha okay then, here I go...." He hesitated but then he sang Hold You In My Arms by Ray LaMontagne, low at first but them he grew louder and more passionate. The whole time he had his eyes closed and he stopped walking.

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Brendon watched, smiling to himself. He's the most gorgeous guy i've ever met... He thought, crossing his arms over his chest. He had a beautiful voice, and he wanted to hear more. He didnt say anything, and let him continue.

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1128 comments At the end of the song he almost wanted to cry. It had been a while since he sang outside his shower he loved it. Harvey opened his eyes and saw the way Brendon looked at him and Harvey blushed. He looked so good, actually, he was attractive. His lips, his eyes, his nose, his lips, his face, his lips... Harvey felt so dirty for thinking about Brendon like that but it felt so good.

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Brendons lips parted, and he smiled. "Now, why would I laugh at that? You have an absolutely gorgeous voice..." He drew closer to him, smiling.

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1128 comments "Ummm's whatever, Brend." Harvey caught himself staring at Brendon's lips and felt ashamed. He looked away quickly as he blushed wildly. "Thanks though..."

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"Brend? Noe you even have a pet name for me?" He laughed now, hand covering his mouth. "And, stop denying how wonderful you sound! I wish I sounded that good!"

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1128 comments "It's not a pet name, I just didn't feel like saying your whole name." He stuck his tongue out at him with a smile. "Since I sang, your turn, Brendon!"

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Brendon smiled and started walking, in silence. They reached a little bridge looking down on the pond. It was covered in trees, and no one was there anyways. "Me, sing? Unless you want your ears to bleed, I suggest you forget you asked." He shrugged. "Plus, I couldnt decide what to sing...Too many choices..." But, he wanted to. He wanted Harvey to hear him and praise him.

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1128 comments "Dammit! Just sing!" Harvey nudged him playfully with a smile.

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