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message 1: by Ice (new)

Ice Bear (neilar) Another Football, Rugby this time, and just to confuse matters - 2 codes Union and League.

message 2: by Carlee (new)

Carlee Cannon (flutterlilly) | 78 comments Mod
isnt rugby pretty much the same as football, but without padding & protective gear?

message 3: by Ice (new)

Ice Bear (neilar) I tkae your point: The ball is roughly the same shape, goal posts are similar and what you would term the 'endzone' it involves passing (backwards only) and kicking !

There is a World Cup coming up soon.

message 4: by Carlee (new)

Carlee Cannon (flutterlilly) | 78 comments Mod
okay that makes sense. do you have a certain team your rooting for?

message 5: by Ice (new)

Ice Bear (neilar) England play Wales this weekend for a pre tournament warm up game.

England follower at International level. At club level Exeter Chiefs. Also seen the Barbarians play in England and Wales and would like to add Scotland & Ireland.

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