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Teacher: Lyeta

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Lincoln walked in with Logan, both of them wearing broad grins.

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Skye walked into the classroom, her sword sheathed in her belt. She saw Linc and Logan and said hi.

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Lincoln waved. Logan sauntered over, smiling at her. "Hey cutie" He said in a low, quite voice.

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"Hi sweetheart!" Skye said, pecking him on the cheek.

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Logan turned, kissing her without shame and full on. "You smell amazing" He muzzled her neck.

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Skye kissed him back. "So do you..." she whispered in his ear.

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He growled a little.

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"Oh, you're so sexy..." Skye said, softly. "Partner for swordfighting?"

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"Definately" He said, smiling.

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Sammi | 1216 comments Beesma walked in to the room, looking around the room.

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Logan nibbled on her ear. He stepped away, still holding his arm around her waist. "Hey, I'm Logan Black" He smiled lazily.

Lincoln stepped forward "I'm Lincoln Black, Vampire Guardian, and you are...?"

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Sammi | 1216 comments "I'm Beesma. Beesma Drafru. Nice to meet the two of you." He says evenly, shoving his hand out in Lincoln's direction expecting him to shake it.

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"Nice to meet you Beesma" Lincoln shook his hand, grinning.

"Pleasure" Logan said, grinning a identical grin to Lincoln

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"Hi Beesma! You seelie fae?" Skye asked quizzically.

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Logan pulled her a little closer, protectively.

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Skye looked up at Logan, wondering why he was being so protective all if a sudden.

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Logan smiled down. "Instinct, I guess, staking my claim, sorry" He blushed

Lincoln shook with laughter.

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Sammi | 1216 comments "I am, was I guess you'd say. I've left the court. Do any of you know where I could find my sister?" He says, looking between the two brothers with sharp eyes.

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"Awww... That's so sweet!" Skye said, kissing him on the cheek again.

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Logan laughed and kissed her again, unashamed. Lincoln sighed at his twin. "Last time, I saw her she was sucking face with a demon" He said nonchalantly.

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Matthew Peper (seathethescaleless) | 1222 comments Matt walked in with his katana on his back.

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I dance in and the air in the room instantly drops. "Hi guys!"

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Matthew Peper (seathethescaleless) | 1222 comments "oh god no."

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I grin at Matt but ignore him apart from that. I'll get him later I think to myself. "So. Who is everyone?"

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Matthew Peper (seathethescaleless) | 1222 comments "you already know me."

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Sammi | 1216 comments He snarled at the thought of his sister with a demon. "She better not be" He growled. "Anyway, what court are you?" He said, turning to Skye.

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"Of course I do sweety." I say slightly suggestively and drift closer. ((I gotta go have a shower. But I'll be back.))

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Matthew Peper (seathethescaleless) | 1222 comments I back up when she comes closer.

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Sammi | 1216 comments "I'm Beesma Drafru." He says lightly to Lyeta, "And you are?" He looked her up and down, raising his eyebrows.

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Lincoln shrugged at Beesma. "She is" He turned to Lyeta "I'm Lincoln Black, Vampiric Guardian"

Logan smiled at Lyeta. "I'm Logan Black"

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"I'm Skye. And I'm an unseelie fae..."

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Sammi | 1216 comments Beesma sighed, muttering something unaudible. "I'm guessing you know her then?" He said to Lincoln. "Now, can we start class? I think I could teach some of you some things, only if the teacher accepts, that is." He smiled.

Desi walks in, spotting Lincoln and smiling, wondering who the other guy he was with was until realising it was Beesma. "BEE!" She yelled, running and hugging her big brother from behind.

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Lincoln winked at Desi. "Yea, Beesma, I know her. The demons name is Cameron, by the way"

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I cock my head at Lincoln. "You know me. Remember?" I shake my head and turn back to the other Fey. "I am Mab's daughter." I glare at them((Are you guys seelie or unseelie?

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Sammi | 1216 comments Beesma spun around and picked Desi up in a massive bear hug. "I've missed you, little one" He says to her before putting her down. "I hope what I've been told isn't true, about you and a demon." He says, giving her a stern look.

"Linc! I'm going to get you for this!" She yelled, not exactly angry. "It's not that bad, seriously. Don't worry, and stop giving me that look." She said, trying to convince her brother.

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Matthew Peper (seathethescaleless) | 1222 comments I try to sneak to the door.

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Lincoln practically yelled. "Yeah, I remember you"

Logan took a small step towards Lincoln.

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Sammi | 1216 comments ((Beesma is Seelie, but he left the court to go solo. Desi is Seelie court))

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((I'm unseelie and used to go out with your son, Prince Ash, until he died in the faerie wars...))

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I glare at the seelie fey. "Who are you?"
((Francois. Cam isn't there.))

I walk in as Matt was leaving. I hug him and whisper into his ear. "We can beat her." I say then kiss him.

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Hannie wrote: "((I'm unseelie and used to go out with your son, Prince Ash, until he died in the faerie wars...))"

((Huh? Oh you mean that your charrie went out with my charries brother... Oooh...))

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Matthew Peper (seathethescaleless) | 1222 comments I kiss her back and say."hell yeah."

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Sammi | 1216 comments ((Francois, reply on the Element one, and Laura, reply Cam's room?))

"I'm Desicate." She says, automatically shifting out of her happy mood.

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I laugh freely and sling an arm around him. I then walk in. "Hi Lyeta." I say my voice menacing.

I ignore Laura and Matt and focus on the seelie. "Hello."

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((Sorry didn't see the post. EDIT!))

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Matthew Peper (seathethescaleless) | 1222 comments "hey Lyeta."

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Logan and Lincoln sighed at the same time.

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Sammi | 1216 comments Desi.
I glare at Lyeta and snarl.

I step between the two girls. "This is a class, an academy. The way that is happening between the two court's does not come in here. In here, you are equal and you will learn to get over the hatred." He says, sounding alot wiser than usual.

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((Yeah, you got the story. You know, how weird would it be if Ash was actually still alive...))

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