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Reimagining the bard's Shrew

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message 1: by Sienna (new)

Sienna Bond | 1 comments Hello

My name is Sienna Bond. I recently joined this group. I thought I'd introduce myself by recommending a book to read. I just finished James Carter's "The Shrew Untamed", which I loved. The story picks up where the Bard left off, and then follows Kate as she turns the tables on her husband and family. The female protagonaist is brilliant, funny, insightful, and (shock horror) not so much a shrew as people would believe.

I'll issue a warning: this book is not for Thespian purists. The language used and the way the story unfolds is clearly there to appeal to modern audiences. That said the play is a lot of fun, and definitely one for readers who believe in equality between the sexes.

I'd be curious to hear other view points on the play. Its available in ebook format on Goodreads.


message 2: by Katharina (new)

Katharina I haven't read the book you have recommended, but it sounds extremely interesting. Taming of the Shrew has always been one of my favorite plays, and from my point of view, I think Katharina was the one who triumphed in the end. People keep giving Petruchio all the credit of "taming" his wife; however, wouldn't you agree that by keeping him in the dark with her so-called submission was a quiet victory for Katharina? It's sort of like doctors giving patients the placebo. The patient assumes he or she is in control when in fact his or her fate resides at the mercy of the doctor. I'd love to hear your insight on this take since you have read the "sequel"!

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