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message 1: by Nicole (new)

Nicole (nlojeda) | 471 comments Mod
Anyone else really confused by this freakin' story line? I'm having a hard time remembering that they are too different entities now.

Erin *Proud Book Hoarder* (erinpaperbackstash) I was dissappointed. Happy because it's true blood but what was that episode???? The plot twists were...shocking, especially if you do follow the books. I know they are their own storyline but still, wow.

Ashley the Magnificent™ (ashleythemagnificent) I miss the simpler days, when it was more like the Sookie Show... with supporting cast.
Now I feel like the cast dogpiles in front of the camera for their freakin 15-minute story diversions, most of which ain't got a damn thing to do with vampires! BORED!

In any case, the last 3 minutes or so were the best part of the hour. :) Mmmm...Eric.

message 4: by Jayme (new)

Jayme (jaymetheghostreader) I was entirely flaberghasted with this episode. Not neccessarily in a bad way. I didn't like Andy's attitutde towards Sookie. Bill is now the King of Louisana and Eric works for him now. Tera is called Toni and she is a lesbian. Sam is in anger management. Jason's a cop. Tommy has been taken in by Mrs. Fortenberry. Arlene still thinks her child is the devil incarnate. The on;y thing they remotely got right is the witch arc. I really hope they make eric an amnesiac. It was the only time he was nice.

message 5: by Glass (new)

Glass I'll watch first episode today....Can't wait! I saw teaser and, honestly, I didn't like it - I alreday can tell there's not too much conection between the show and the books. But, hell, I still want to see the shower scene! ;)

message 6: by Ashley (new)

Ashley (ashnphx) I watched that seven min teaser trailer and was like umm ...thinking I might stop watching the show until it is completely done then go back and watch it. I am such a fan of the books and even though I know the show is totally separate it bothers me how much different it is.

message 7: by Jessica `~Blahyze~` (last edited Jun 27, 2011 06:13AM) (new)

Jessica  `~Blahyze~` I liked the ending of the first episode of this season cos damn I love eric! But it isn't like the books so I have decided to treat it as just a totally separate tv series and not compare it to the books to save my sanity. I really wish they had stuck to the books more though.

message 8: by Jessie (new)

Jessie | 142 comments The only similarity it has to the books now is the characters names. I can take all the differences and having some different story lines, but this is too much. AND I hate they way they portrayed the Fairies...really????

message 9: by Cary (new)

Cary (vortigern) The show has allot of good elements to it. Like Lafayette who is killer in the show. He was just a bit player in one book. I think he got killed by chap 2, LOL. I missed the prmemiere. But this season should be based on book four Dead to the World aka The Witch War. I have seen trailers of other episodes they look good. I think for the premiere they tried to squeeze in a shot of everybody. I am reading Dead Reckoning, and that's what it seems like to me. Charlaine is just parading the line of characters. I am at the Alcide in Sookies bed part. I like vampires straight up. Not were wolves and fairies.Back to the Pelts again. Jeez. At least they are going to try and kill Victor. I hope.

message 10: by Lacey (new)

Lacey (spinner26) | 58 comments Let's talk about the effed up fairy world. Looks like we have possibly traided Naill (sp?) for Gran's husband.....who was suppose to be a full fairy, right? he was just wandering around in fairy land like all the other dumb humans. How did Claudine not know that her fairy queen was harvesting humans? And for what? At least we got to see how dangerous they were. But I really hope Claude looks as gorgeous as he is suppose to once we see him in his beautiful form.....

All in all, I'm exicted TB is back on, just not quite sure how I feel about this direction yet.

message 11: by Nicole (new)

Nicole (nlojeda) | 471 comments Mod
Yeah, I hope Claude is super fine. Claudine was a bit of a disappointment.

message 12: by Lacey (new)

Lacey (spinner26) | 58 comments Yeah, I always pictured Claudine as being a bit more exotic-looking. This one is a little plain jane.

message 13: by Jessie (new)

Jessie | 142 comments Well, the whole fairy thing is bad...they were not evil, creepy goblin looking things, the whole concept of the fairies is soemthing completely different and I hate it!!! yes some changes are good, but this isn't even in the same zip code as partially following the books....

message 14: by Julia (last edited Jun 27, 2011 08:11AM) (new)

Julia | 58 comments I like a lot things about the first episode of the season.

(view spoiler)

Alan Ball and Charlaine Harris have totally different ways of looking at similar characters. Harris' novels are about Sookie and from her point of view only. Ball's tv show is an ensemble and from the point of view of maybe a dozen characters. Each POV choice make sense for the different medium.

message 15: by MissSusie (new)

MissSusie | 76 comments I was disappointed it has strayed so far from the books that I don't even feel they are the same thing anymore there was absolutly nothing from the books in last nights episode.

M (aka DarkBeauty73) (darkbeauty73) | 44 comments I felt like it was a bit rushed where they had to get in all the characters and let us know what was going on with them. I was surprised by the time jump and I didn't like the freaky looking faeries. I loved the ending. Jason was great, surprised by Tara. I am going to have to watch again. I am sure I missed a few thing that I have seen in the above comments. Over all a great episode. I view the books and the show as two separate things so some things don't bother me as much as others plus it has been awhile since I read the book.

message 17: by Lacey (new)

Lacey (spinner26) | 58 comments I have to say, I also am liking Tara's story. She's a completely different entitiy from the books. And I do think I like the 13 month jump because seasons 2 and 3 all seemed to happen within a month or so of each other. At least Sookie's house is now clean! But I am ready to see the witches in more action..

Jessa ♥dhanger♥ EvilDarkSide (metalgirl80) Bill as King and Eric taking orders from him...WTF?!?! I know they explain why Bill is king in the next episode but I didn't like him ordering Eric away from Sookie....and I didn't like Eric doing so without a few choice words. I know he is supposed to obey his king but I expect Eric to do it with at least a little defiance, especially since it's Bill we are talking about. Bill is looking slimy to me. I don't like him in 'king mode'.

message 19: by Lacey (new)

Lacey (spinner26) | 58 comments Remember at the end of season 3, Bill and Sophie Ann were fighting.

I guess Bill won.

message 20: by Becky (new)

Becky  (bucktuskl) | 13 comments Jayme(the ghost reader) wrote: "I was entirely flaberghasted with this episode. Not neccessarily in a bad way. I didn't like Andy's attitutde towards Sookie. Bill is now the King of Louisana and Eric works for him now. Tera is ca..."

I don't like that Eric's not top dog over Bill anymore. There wasn't nearly enough Eric time last night. I want him to get amnesia now please ;) I wish they would kill off Tara or sent her away or something... she drives me crazy! Too bad Jess didn't hook up with "the human" from Fangtasia. It is hard to remember what was going on last season until I saw the recap- I get the book story line and the tv series confused sometimes.

message 21: by Serena (new)

Serena (sgloss) I always think of the show as an alternate universe from the books. This Sookie universe is a lot darker than the book universe, which at times I really like! Over all the opener for this season was really surprising. Alan Ball is taking a completely different approach this season. (SPOILERS)
Even though the show is so different from the books, I wasn't expecting Bill to be king. I don't know what to think about the fairy world being creepy and evil, usually fairies are always depicted as beautiful and sweet, so it was a shock when they started transforming into evil looking characters throwing power balls at one another. Like the rest of you, I really hope they keep with the books regarding the Eric and Sookie relationship, and of course, I want that shower scene in the show. Who wouldn't want to see more naked Skarsgard! I don't know about you guys, but I feel like Tara's character is so unneeded. I feel like they don't know what to do with her so they were like OK, lets make her a lesbian cage fighter this season. I just wish she would disappear from the plot entirely.

message 22: by Lacey (new)

Lacey (spinner26) | 58 comments My random thought is that Tara and Pam might hook up since Tara is now girl-friendly. Because didn't Amelia and Pam hook up for awhile?

Does anyone know if Amelia is going to be on TB?

message 23: by Becky (last edited Jun 27, 2011 09:16AM) (new)

Becky  (bucktuskl) | 13 comments Serena wrote: "I always think of the show as an alternate universe from the books. This Sookie universe is a lot darker than the book universe, which at times I really like! Over all the opener for this season wa..."

Yeah, the fairy world thing was really weird. Maybe it was just an easier way to show us that quicker. In the books it took a lot of drawn out explaining about the fairies really being quite evil and out to get each other with her whole grandfather (what was his name... something with an N) and the other side,and the whole passage back and forth to their world. The only thing I have trouble keeping straight now is how she's part fairy in the show. I know in the books her grandmother was having the affair with the fairy and then claudine and claudette are cousins but can't remember how they explained that in the show... anybody remember?

message 24: by Serena (new)

Serena (sgloss) I think her grandpa is part fairy in the books (the guy eating the fruit that came back with her from the fairy universe) but i do not recall them explaining why he was.. My guess is its going to be something like the books (fairy slept with a family member.) But maybe it will be her great grandparents instead

message 25: by Lacey (new)

Lacey (spinner26) | 58 comments In the books....I *think* her grandfather was full fairy. Gran had her dad with him, who was then part-fairy.....and he was killed because of that in the "flood." Then Sookie is 1/4 fairy?

message 26: by Serena (new)

Serena (sgloss) yes, her grandfather was fairy, her grandma had an affair with a fairy.. cant remember the name at the moment.. Maybe Brandon?

message 27: by Lacey (new)

Lacey (spinner26) | 58 comments I think it was Braendon (sp?).


He was the evil brother of her grandfather who was trying to kill the fairies that wanted the portal to the earth to stay open. He wanted it closed for good.

message 28: by Cary (new)

Cary (vortigern) In the books Eric is not top dog over Bill. Bill is area 5 Investigator working directly for the queen. As far as fairys being good looking. I forget the brother sister team of assasains with razor sharp silver teeth who when they are not screwing each other are killing people, vampires, and other faries. I bet they where scary looking. But in a beautiful way. LOL

message 29: by Jayme (last edited Jun 27, 2011 01:12PM) (new)

Jayme (jaymetheghostreader) I thought they already showed Claude in his fairy form in the Fairyland before Sookie escaped. I could be wrong. The guy that was standing by the portal. He said his sister helped bring Sookie into the fairyland. If that was Claude, he wasn't that good looking. I was expecting better. I want to know where Amanda and Octavia are and if they are still going to have them in the show now that the witches are introduced.

message 30: by Serena (new)

Serena (sgloss) yeah Claude is suppose to be amazing looking. I dont think he looked too great standing at the edge of the portal.

message 31: by Cary (new)

Cary (vortigern) They are really diverging from the book in allot of ways. King Bill, LOL. But the Witch War part I think will follow along pretty much like the book. Sookie will pick up Eric on the road. But in the spoilers they suggest Bill has some relation to the witches. Which really pisses me off. Because in the books even though they are always scuffling for Sookies attention. Bill & Eric always fight on the same side. In Dead Reckoning Eric reveals himself to be just as much of a deciever as everyone was calling Bill the Big Betrayal, and I always liked Bill.

Jessa ♥dhanger♥ EvilDarkSide (metalgirl80) You know the one deviation from the book that truly ticked me off....Eric walking down the road in his "Duh" stage with pants ON. WTF is that? The book has him wandering around naked. How can Alan Ball deny us a naked Eric? LOL! A great chance to have a nekkid backside shot and they put pants on him. Grrr.

message 33: by Jayme (new)

Jayme (jaymetheghostreader) I think Eric has been naked plenty of times already. I was kinda weird that a witch would go to Bill so I thought she was a spy.

message 34: by Ashley (new)

Ashley (ashnphx) I'm so sad Claudine isn't going to be what she was in the books. I loved that she and Sookie became close and she protected her.

Lacey wrote: "Let's talk about the effed up fairy world. Looks like we have possibly traided Naill (sp?) for Gran's husband.....who was suppose to be a full fairy, right? he was just wandering around in fairy la..."

message 35: by Ashley (new)

Ashley (ashnphx) In the books her grandmother had an affair with a fairy b/c Grans husband couldn't get her pregnant. The fairy walked out to the woods when she was hanging clothes and he was so beautiful she couldn't help it. So Sookies Father and Aunt were half, Sookies mom was obsessed with her father because of his fairy blood. And I think they said something in the last book that a lot of the pics Sook has of her grandparents, some of them are actually her fairy g-father in disguise.

message 36: by Lacey (new)

Lacey (spinner26) | 58 comments You are exactly right. And that reminds me of her nephew that is a telepath. They just droped him out of the show like a hot potato.

message 37: by Cary (new)

Cary (vortigern) Yay they dropped Hunter. Hunter really is not even in the books until about book 5 anyway. The show uses the books as an outine. Everyone had that figured by the end of season 2 : ) King Bill what a kicker, LOL

message 38: by Jana (new)

Jana | 14 comments Jessa ♥Dhanger♥ wrote: "You know the one deviation from the book that truly ticked me off....Eric walking down the road in his "Duh" stage with pants ON. WTF is that? The book has him wandering around naked. How can Al..."

Actually the first time I read the book I swear he was naked too. But then I went back and reread it and he was wearing jeans and red bikini underwear ( I guess our imaginations ran wild)! Lol its crazy really, just about everyone I talked to that read the book thought he was naked. Read the book, not the summary on the back, because it says that he was naked I think. The jeans and red underwear are there! It sucks though! Lol

message 39: by Colette (new)

Colette | 15 comments Lacey wrote: "In the books....I *think* her grandfather was full fairy. Gran had her dad with him, who was then part-fairy.....and he was killed because of that in the "flood." Then Sookie is 1/4 fairy?"

Sookie is 1/8 fairy because the fairy that her grandmother slept with was 1/2 fairy. Her great grandfather is full fairy.

Jessa ♥dhanger♥ EvilDarkSide (metalgirl80) Jana, someone else burst my bubble on the naked Eric thing. I swore he was walking down the road naked but I've been corrected. I guess I just wanted it so bad that I conveniently forgot about the jeans and underwear. LOL!

message 41: by Hillary (new)

Hillary | 12 comments I was extremely disappointed with the first episode; the second is a tad better though. I feel like it should have been filled in a little more and not so much in one episode. It was very rushed and the essence of so many of these characters has died. It's not the same show I started watching from the beginning. The time gap was very stupid--it could have been done without. Tara becoming a cage wrestler and turning into a lesbian was odd. I think it was stupid, actually. Sam was the most wholesome character in the books ( yes I know Alan and Charlaine have different ways of writing) and he has become someone that I loathe in the show. I want the old Sam back. I don't know, some of the story lines have been stretched out too far. Bill as King? That's one thing that made Bill as Bill...he never had that kind of power.

message 42: by Cary (last edited Jun 29, 2011 09:12AM) (new)

Cary (vortigern) Right on Hilary there are some real stupid changes and the time gap is pure Ball. He should have his freaking head examined. The show used to use the book as a loose guide. Now Ball is getting all crazy freaky. I think Charlaine has been to busy to keep him in line.

message 43: by Ianbrie (new)

Ianbrie | 16 comments Okay. Since the fairies were really ugly, does that me Sookie is half ugly? I didn't like that part.

message 44: by Glass (new)

Glass Faeries are beautifull (even mean ones) in the books...

message 45: by Ianbrie (new)

Ianbrie | 16 comments In the series they were ugly.

message 46: by Jayme (new)

Jayme (jaymetheghostreader) They were ugly I agree. Even evil fairies are beautiful. These fairies looked more like trolls.

message 47: by Silvana (new)

Silvana (silvaubrey) More like orcs.

That was Claude? The one who rescued Sook?


There goes my fantasy.

Tara plot was another mess. Skipped.

The witches were boring.

I haven't watched ep 2 though.

message 48: by Cary (new)

Cary (vortigern) OK I finaly got a chance to sit down and really check out this seasons premier. The faries were just total butllshit. Sookie being gone for a year just plain stupid. Ball must have got on Crack with all the money he's made from the show. Tara as a lesbian wrestler just rediculous. Eric bought Sookies house. Like Jason would ever sell the Stackhouse place. He would have moved in himself in the case of Sookies disapearance. King Bill? Boy will that be interesting. Laffayette is at least worried about the witches. The ugly old hag running the coven is just skanky. You would think they would have gotten some sexy old cougar type for that role. Has Jessica figured out a way to make it with Hoyt without complications. They really need to see Dr Ludwig,and get it figured out. Sly Pam has figured something is not quite right. I am hoping the Faries will just be out of the picture now with the portal closed. I just finished Dead Reckoning. Bill as usual has fought a nasty battle on Sheriff Erics side. Nailed an enemy vamp and guarded Bubba. The show seems determined to make Eric and Bill bitter enemies. I really need to watch episode 1 again , and check out episode 2. Which I am hoping will be a little more on track. I think it will get better once things get rolling. ♥

Wicked ♥  (Wickedly Bookish Reviews) aka Bat-Jess Episode 2 clears some things up and shows you a bit of where they are going with all this. I am dissapointed in the character they chose to be "Hallow" as she is called in the books, but ep. 2 does have a part in it that adds some mystery to her so we shall see. If nothing else, amnesia Eric will make this season work for me. I think all us fangirls have been waiting a long time for him.

message 50: by Jayme (new)

Jayme (jaymetheghostreader) The second episode was definitely better. I get to watch it again on Sunday.

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