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message 1: by Emmy (new)

Emmy (emmob) | 13 comments Read this one already, found it to be very interesting, but thought the guy was a little arrogant.

message 2: by Emmy (new)

Emmy (emmob) | 13 comments Who is reading this? My favorite chapters were on Jon Benett Ramsey, and Jack the Ripper. Jack seemed a little to ordinary to be so notorious, but I think he got the analysis of Jon B's killer on the head. I wonder if the police will ever try to solve that case again. People talk all the time, it would just take 1 person to crack the case. What chapters did you enjoy reading, or are you looking forward to reading?

message 3: by Clare K. R. (new)

Clare K. R. (clare-dragonfly) I've started this but haven't gotten very far (too many other books to read). So far he's just rambling on about himself, which is pretty frustrating. I didn't buy an autobiography! I may not enjoy this book very much at all--I've already read Douglas' The Cases That Haunt Us, which has chapters on JonBenet Ramsey and Jack the Ripper, so now I'm concerned that Mindhunter won't have anything new.

message 4: by Clare K. R. (new)

Clare K. R. (clare-dragonfly) Emmy, are you sure you didn't read The Cases that Haunt us? There was nothing about JonBenet Ramsey in Mindhunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit.

I didn't enjoy this as much as Douglas' other books that I've read. It was very disjointed and talked too much about himself. I'm surprised by the writing because he had the same coauthor.

message 5: by Emmy (new)

Emmy (emmob) | 13 comments I 100% commented on the wrong book. My comments on the actual book would be as boring as the book itself. Informative yes, but very long.

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