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message 1: by Miguel (new)

Miguel Conner | 18 comments True Blood begins, so why not time for a promo and an excerpt to show its connection to Stargazer (which was written long before the Stackhouse series)? 60% percent off any Smashmouth e-book version for a limited time (although you can still get the print version). Stargazer's sequel comes out at the end of this year. Surprising few, it's titled Heretic.

I really hope True Blood redeems itself. The werewolves were p-a-t-h-e-t-i-c (and I'm always on the side of vampires...I felt sorry for them!). And Bill and Sookie's relationship is starting to jump the shark. Well, I give more thoughts on True Blood:



message 2: by Jeanine (new)

Jeanine (truejourney) | 315 comments OMG!!! Is True Blood tonight??? Holy Hell... I am excited! I agree that the werewolves were a bit pathetic, but the one that hangs with Sookie is HOT, so I am not complaining! lol.

message 3: by Miguel (new)

Miguel Conner | 18 comments Bill is cool...but Northman rules! (in my book)


message 4: by Jeanine (new)

Jeanine (truejourney) | 315 comments Haha.. I've not read the books, only watched the show. I like Eric, but if I had to pick a "team" it would be Jason Stackhouse.. lol. Niether Bill, or Eric :)

Domino (aka Meme) (bryghtstarr) | 663 comments Totally team Eric!! up to book 9 and love the series. also a Trueblood fan and just watched the new season and i don't appreciate the depiction of Eric this time around. he seems too dark and not playful like he is the books. i'm craving the books now cause the show is not portraying him well. Alexander Skarsgard looks great though =D

message 6: by Christine (new)

Christine (sissychrissy) | 7 comments Oh, I want that wolf!!!

message 7: by Jeanine (new)

Jeanine (truejourney) | 315 comments The first episode was a bit of a dissapointment... Hopefully it gets better. The supposed "psycho baby" cracks me up :)
The Wolf is the hottest thing on that show! I hope Sookie gets it on with him... LOL
I think I should read the books, too. I've heard so many mixed reviews on them though, so I am always talking myself out of reading them. I am sure once I start the series I'll be mad at myself fo waiting so long.

message 8: by La La (new)

La La | 245 comments If you decide to read the book don't judge the book based on the show and vice versa. Other than the concept the book and the show are pretty much two different entities.

message 9: by Miguel (new)

Miguel Conner | 18 comments The first episode was certainly a let down, but it has potential. Just forget about the werewolves or give them just juice!

I made the mistake of watching New Moon for the first time. Beyond being a tween emo fairy tale & a cougar pedophilia fantasy, the werewolves were awesome! Of course, the black vampire dies first; and he was the coolest of all the vampires!


Domino (aka Meme) (bryghtstarr) | 663 comments Jeanine i hope u give the books a chance. they are really good. u get to see who all the characters really are. the books aren't as graphic as the show, but still good. specially books 4,7 and 8. i'm on book 9 now and can't wait.

message 11: by Jeanine (new)

Jeanine (truejourney) | 315 comments I think I will :) I've been wanting to read them for the longest time.

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