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Why I wrote Bull Canyon

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Lin Pardey | 5 comments Many years ago, at a dinner party where some friends asked how Larry (my husband) and I managed to have such a strong partnership inspite of the slightly crazy life we lead, someone said, "You guys should write a book about relationships." By that time I had already written four or five books on sailing, seamanship, cruising on small boats so the idea sounded interesting. But Larry was not at all for it, "If you try to dissect what makes our partnership work, you might ruin it. Besides, we've only been together for 15 years, who knows if it will last?" Other books, other adventures pushed those thoughts to the back of my mind. Then, after 44 years together, I began thinking of what was probably one of the most interesting and often funny adventure in our lives together, the time we spent in Bull Canyon where our relationship was tested to the extreme. That adventure, written as a true memoir could, I felt, be a good way to show how our relationship worked and potentially encourage other couples. Though I know the majority of memoirs that find a large audience are more about overcoming terrible childhoods (mine was wonderful and warm) breaking away from drug habits or abusive husbands (definitely not a problem in my case though I may be addicted to change), I had to write this book as once the idea settled in my mind, I couldn't get on with anything else until it was finished. The reviewers have all been very kind to me, the book is just getting out on book store shelves. It's sequel is underway, chapter two being outlined today.

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Steven | 65 comments Mod
I liked this line. Its the dedication that we all need to complete a manuscript:

"I couldn't get on with anything else until it was finished."


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