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JennyGrace  M. ((sTArT))

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Katniss (Purplemargay) Katerina hummed as she sat in a tree, one leg dangling and swinging, the other wrapped around the branch for balance. She watched a family of foxes far below sneak out of their hole, the pups bouncing and squeaking and playing as they went.

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JennyGrace  M. Kyrillos sat outside a clearing, leaning against a tree and keeping watch over the children of the city as they laughed and played, he didn't normally do this, but his mother ran the city daycare and she was out on an errand, so the job of protecting the kids fell to him

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Katniss (Purplemargay) She leaned forward on her branch. There he was. The last pup limped out, back left paw dragging useless in the dust. Katerina jumped down soundlessly, and gently scooped up the little pup. HE squirmed at first, but Katerina said soothingly 'stiitho kleo" 'Peace child." and the pup went still, responding happily to the common tounge of elves. Katerina then explained to the mother what was happening and walked back to her village.

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JennyGrace  M. Krillose smiled and chuckled as one of the children dragged him by the hand to the middle of there game where he was an enemy and they had to chase him and protect the pixie children, he laughed, running slowly so they could keep up with him, he saw Katerina walking toward the village and paused for a moment, watching her

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Katniss (Purplemargay) Katerina shifted the pup in her arms slightly, and it let out a whimper. She'd been watching the pup for a while now, after she had seen it get it's leg broken by a fall from a hill. She had hoped it might heal normally, but it had just gotten worse and worse until it needed attention. She felt eyes on her, and looked up to see Krillose. She smiled brightly, and continued onward to where the healers of the village were found.

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JennyGrace  M. Kyri smiled back at her, then turned when a little kid tugged on his hand, he was pulled back into the game, running and falling on purpose and making the children laugh

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Katniss (Purplemargay) "What happened?" Katerina's Mother asked as she strode into the hospital. She was not a healer herself, but a plant master like her daughter, but her speciality was in medicinal plants, so she was helpful around there. Her mother scooped up the tiny bundle of red fur and hurried him to the back rooms, calling back, "Make sure you don't forget where you got him from!"
"I know mom!" KAterina called back, rolling her eyes good naturedly at her back.

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JennyGrace  M. Kyri's mom came back and he smiled, laughing as several children tried to pull him back and pile on top of him to keep him from leaving, he hugged them all, then smiled and gave his mom a hug before leaving

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Katniss (Purplemargay) 'Well, now I've got some free time...' Katerina thought as she wandered the streets of the city aimlessly. 'What to do, what to do...' She thoughtlessly made little designs in the wood doors of some of the houses, manipulating the wood to have cute little depctions or designs. There were a couple calls of thanks as she passed, and she smiled, realizing that she'd been using her powers subconsciously again. She had trouble with that - being able to use her magic when she wasn't thinking, but when she tried, she sometimes got pretty rotten results. A shame, really, she thought.

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JennyGrace  M. Kyri walked back into town, he wasn't working that day, so he really didn't have much to do

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Katniss (Purplemargay) Still focused on that train of thought, Katerina thought of the simplest thing she could - just a chair - and stared at a spot on the walkway infront of her. Then, picturing that chair, she pushed with all her mental might, shutting her eyes tight, and biting her lip in concentration. She wished and wished, and then, not feeling anything, she sighed and opened her eyes, before gasping. There, sitting before her was a throne worthy of a king of the forest. Instead of the simple thing she had been picturing, there was a huge armchair, vines and live flowers and leaves twining up and down it. They fluttered slightly in a breeze, giving the impression that it was moving slightly, as if alive. 'Now why can't I do that normally?' she asked herself, gaping at the masterpiece before her.

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JennyGrace  M. Kyri saw Kat and walked up behind her "wow. how did you do that?" he said softly

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Katniss (Purplemargay) "Um.... Good question..." katerina mumbled. She ran her hand over the arm, feeling the real, live plants there. She'd always know she had plant powers, but shed never really been able tovwillingly harness them... Until now.

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JennyGrace  M. "that was cool" he said, then stepped back a little, realizing they barely knew each other

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Katniss (Purplemargay) Katerina nodded mutely. Slowly, she lowered herself into the chair, trying to figure out what she did differently. Then as her weight sat fully in the chair, it promptly collapsed. She sat there for a moment, stunned, then began to laugh. "figures." she gasped out through her giggles, "that it would look really good but collapse when usd."

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JennyGrace  M. Kyri chuckled, then stepped forward and offered his hand to help her up

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Katniss (Purplemargay) She took the hand and pulled herself to her feet. "thanks." she said, still giggling a little.

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JennyGrace  M. Kyri smiled "so... how do you make that stuff happen?" he asked

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Katniss (Purplemargay) "that's the thing, isn't it. I have no idea. Well, I do have an idea, because I know my mom has the power too, and I understand the fact that I have my powers and whatnot, but I almost never can make anything happen when I try, but I can when I'm not trying. This is a first for actually making something presentable. I have been able to help plants along, making them bigger and the like, but... Never this."

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JennyGrace  M. Kyri smiled "well that's actually kinda cool. it's like your own secret power, except it's so secret not even you know how it works"

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Katniss (Purplemargay) Katerina chuckled. "Yeah, I guess." she shook her head ruefully. "Just wait 'till Justin hears about this. He'll go nuts. 'you can do that when you're out in the real world, but you can't do it in your training?' etc. Etc."

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JennyGrace  M. Kyri smiled "Justin?"

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Sheridan (sapphirestone) | 1413 comments Mod
Lilliana walked up behind Kyri. Lilliana's "father" was at a very important meeting, so she had some time to kill. She noticed a girl that just fell from her chair. "Need help?" she said, as she made a new one, for the girl.

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Katniss (Purplemargay) ((wait wait, what power is this? Plant?))

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Katniss (Purplemargay) (( before Lillian walks up))
"yeah. Because I can't seem to get this," here she gestured to her shattered chair, " to work, my mom sends me to a tutor. Not fun."

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Sheridan (sapphirestone) | 1413 comments Mod
(( Yeah, and I guess like any living thing connected to nature, like a tree, vines, grass, roots, etc..))

Lilliana smiled. "I could help you if you want, you know. Help you with that. You know, make it so you can make a sturdy chair."

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Katniss (Purplemargay) "oh believe me, theres no help for me." Katerina shook her head, "I've tried everything. Just gotta keep trying, ya know."

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Sheridan (sapphirestone) | 1413 comments Mod
" Yeah, I understand. Show me how you did that again, maybe I can give you at least a few tips!"

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Katniss (Purplemargay) ((Jenny??? Wher'd ya go?))
"D'no if I can. I've never been able to before..."

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JennyGrace  M. Kyri watched her "maybe you need to stop trying so hard, and just let your mind wander, don't concentrate so much on what you want to create, just let your mind do it for you"

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Katniss (Purplemargay) Kat nodded slowly. "I'll try it. But later, I think. Too much trying, for today." She smiled, looking about. "Ah, how about ending the day on a positive note." she took a step and knelt before a small sprout, and hovered her hand over it. The little green stalk abruptly started to grow bigger, then grew leaves, and then two black iris bloomed from the top. She smiled. "Now why is that so easy for me, but creating is so hard?"

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JennyGrace  M. "because you can grasp the concept of making something big out of something smaller better than you grasp the concept of making something out of nothing?" Kyri guessed

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Katniss (Purplemargay) Katerina chuckled. "The question was rhetorical, that's the best answer I've gotten so far."

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Sheridan (sapphirestone) | 1413 comments Mod
Lilliana smiled and laughed as well. " So what do you guys want to do? I mean, my dads off at some meeting discussing what to do with the wildlife here, you know, the one that the mayor has to go to all the time?"

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Katniss (Purplemargay) "I don't know if I can, Justin might be expecting me, depending on what time it is." She whistled and called, "Sherrie!" A black haired head stuck out of a window high above. "What time is it?"
"Three thirty!" sherrie called back.
"Oh gosh!" Katerina squeaked, "I gotta run! You can come, if you want, but it won't be very exciting." then she skittered off along the dirt track.

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Sheridan (sapphirestone) | 1413 comments Mod
Lilliana followed, wondering who this Sherrie person was. "I'm coming too!" she called. " Where do you have to go anyway?"

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JennyGrace  M. Kyri followed them at a slower pace

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Katniss (Purplemargay) "Class!" she called over her shoulder, skidding around a corner before slamming on the brakes as she came to her stop. She took several deep breaths, composed herself, neatened her now slightly mussed hair, and, hoping her face wasn't too red, strode through the blooming red thorn vine archway.
"Justin! I'm here!" she called, stooping to repair a break in a stem of one of Justin's orchids.
"I'll be right out!" Justin called back, followed by a couple of muffled curse words and a flash of black light and the sound of what can best be described as an inside out dog bark.

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Sheridan (sapphirestone) | 1413 comments Mod
Lilliana caught up to Katerina. She stood next to one of the vines, admiring them . Her face was a little red, having to run so fast, and she looked behind her to see Kyri approaching from behind. "Hey, Katerina? Do you mind if I join you?" She said, as she motioned for Kyri to come a little faster, and turned to walk towards Katerina.

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