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message 1: by Alison (new)

Alison (alisony) | 28 comments Mod
I noticed a few of you mentioned dogs in the 'Introducing...' post. I love dogs too and have an 18-month old Rhodesian Ridgeback named Lucy. She is a ridiculously happy dog who wants nothing more in life than to be in the same room with me and my husband at all times.

message 2: by Jeane (new)

Jeane i adored marley and Me!!!!! Often i was shouting to my sister about a part in the book and saying isn't that like ... or ..., one of our dogs!!!:-)

message 3: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (bkreadr) I am not much of an animal person, but thought that I would read Marley and Me. I am 40 pages from the end and have enjoyed it. I am going to be sad when I finish it. We have a Husky/Lab dog and some of Marley's antics remeind me of our dog.

message 4: by Lyla (new)

Lyla Neko (scourgelyla) WHITE FANG AND CALL OF THE WILD

message 5: by Sharon (new)

Sharon Thurner The Art of Racing in the Rain. The narrator is a lab and he is really wonderful. great book.

message 6: by Andrea (new)

Andrea (rbmavrick7) The best dog book of all time is still Lassie come Home by Eric Knight, followed by a close second of The Incredible Journey. Of a more recent dog book someone recommended to me Merle's Door it was hard to get into but I have heard many friends say how much they loved it.

message 7: by Debie (new)

Debie (dfehling) | 6 comments We have two crazy beagles.

I loved both Marley & Me: Love and Life with the World's Worst Dog and The Art of Racing in the Rain. I just also finished A Dog's Purpose which was cute.

message 8: by Madison (new)

Madison (teddybear99) I loved marley and me, racing in the rain and a dogs purpose. They are amazing books, also the life of a dog :) brilliant books

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