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Dls | 2093 comments Mod
Sometimes I find the sweetest moments are when one of the main characters reveals their feelings to a third party. (and I love books with kids in them...)

In this book we first really start to like both hero and heroine when we see how they interact with nephew. So it makes sense that hero would reveal his feelings to the heroine’s nephew….

Remember--you can give clues but don't give the name or author--I'll post that Tuesday night.

Hero sighed. “Yeah.” He turned to look at the booth in time to see heroine climbing out onto the platform. He spent a few minutes watching her try to get comfortable up on the bench seat in a borrowed bathing suit top and shorts.

She might be bossy and stubborn as hell but she was one hell of a good sport.

The line was at least ten people long, which was good. Lots of people meant lots of money, and lots of money meant more resources dumped into the 4 The Kids pockets. That’s what this was all about, but he couldn’t help but grin as he watched heroine warily eye the little kid at the front of the line, specifically the lever he had to hit in order to dunk her.

Santos appeared with his boys and heroine’s nephew at hero’s side. “What’s Aunt heroine doing in there?” nephew asked hero.

“She’s in there because she likes me,” hero said, as he received dark murderous looks from heroine.

“Are you sure she likes you?” nephew asked doubtfully.

“Yeah.” Hero smiled. “She just doesn’t know it yet.”

“You’re weird,” nephew said.

The little kid at the front of the line threw his ball and missed the booth entirely.

From inside the dunk tank, heroine took a visible breath of relief.

The next kid in line missed as well.

And the third.

“Wow,” nephew said. “They all suck.”

“Maybe not,” hero said.

“You know she’s going to get real mad if she goes in. She doesn’t like it when her hair gets wet after she straightens it. “


“No. And she’s looking at you like you’re in big trouble. Are you in trouble?”

“What would being in trouble entail?” hero asked him.

Nephew shrugged. “Maybe no ice cream after dinner.”

“Huh. I do love ice cream.”

“Yeah,” nephew said. “But at least she’s nice even when she’s mad. She doesn’t get scary or anything. Well, except for tonight when she almost cried. That was scary.”

Hero’s gut tightened as he took his attention off heroine and looked down at nephew. “You get scared back home?”

Nephew lifted a shoulder. “Sometimes. Like when I get left alone.”

A slow burn churned within him for the way he’d been treated. Knowing all too damn well exactly how shitty felt, hero gently set his hand on nephew, glad the kid was safe here with heroine for now. Nephew accepted the touch with only a little squirm—progress.

The next kid missed and nephew made a sound of disgust. “What, can no one throw?” He shoeved a hand in his pocket and pulled out a few bucks. “I’m gonna show ‘em how it’s done.”

Hero gently squeezed nephew’s shoulder, holding him back. “Wait.”


Hero pulled another twenty out of his pocket.

Nephew’s eyes lit up.

“To not dunk her,” hero directed.

“You want me to stand in line and miss?”


Nephew eyed the line and all the kids in it, and slid his gaze back to hero. “You paid all of them?”

Hero smiled.

Nephew just stared at him. “You sure she’s not your real girlfriend?”

“Just don’t hit that lever, kid. I’m a lot tougher than your Aunt heroine.”

Nephew grinned and pocketed the money. “You so like her.”

“Yeah,” hero smiled. “Yeah, I do.”

At the realization that the big, bad, hero herolastname was nothing more than a sorry sap, nephew just shook his head. But then he said softly, “I like her too.”

message 2: by Susan (new)

Susan (susaninaz) | 1018 comments I like her also, and she isn't really in this scene! What a great dialog.

message 3: by Kasey (new)

Kasey | 560 comments Mod
No idea, but it sounds really good.

message 4: by Manda (new)

Manda Collins (manda_collins) | 1917 comments Mod
Sounds familiar, but I'm not sure what it is.

message 5: by Okie (new)

Okie (okieb) | 2088 comments Mod
I don't know either.

message 6: by Monica (new)

Monica | 548 comments Mod
I don't know either. Can't wait to find out though. Sounds good!

message 7: by Janga (new)

Janga | 1070 comments Mod
I have a guess about the author but not the book. If I'm right, I've only read a couple of her novels.

Aly is so frigging bored | 857 comments Mod
Wow! I know this!! I am so proud of myself :D read the book 2 or 3 weeks ago, I think :D
Great choice Dls

message 9: by Dls (new)

Dls | 2093 comments Mod
It's Slow Heat by Jill Shalvis

message 10: by Monica (new)

Monica | 548 comments Mod
Oh, I love Jill Shalvis! I'll add this one to my list!!! Thx, DLS!

message 11: by Manda (new)

Manda Collins (manda_collins) | 1917 comments Mod
Well I totally blew it. And I loved the book too!

Aly is so frigging bored | 857 comments Mod
That book was so fun! I so hope she will continue the series :)

message 13: by Dls (new)

Dls | 2093 comments Mod
Me too. But I haven't seen anything suggesting she will. Have you?

Aly is so frigging bored | 857 comments Mod
Unfortunately no :(

message 15: by Kimberly (new)

Kimberly | 10 comments I love this puzzler~ Haven't read it though.

message 16: by Irisheyes (last edited Jun 29, 2011 08:34AM) (new)

Irisheyes | 896 comments Wow, I read that book and didn't remember that scene. It was a good book, along with Double Play. I was looking for her to continue that series also. She is a hit or miss for me but this one definitely hit.

message 17: by Dls (new)

Dls | 2093 comments Mod
She's hit or miss for me too but when she hits its a home run. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

message 18: by Monica (new)

Monica | 548 comments Mod
I've read Double Play, and LOVED it but I don't remember reading this one.

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