Bloodlines (Bloodlines, #1) Bloodlines question

Happy or Sad?
Iyana Iyana Jun 26, 2011 11:37AM
Well the VA series was amazing as we all know and i suppose that it was time for it to come to an end no matter how it upsets me so but you know. Anyway the series isn't totally over , the spin off series Bloodlines is going to kick off more stories and adventures for the VA cast but the narrator will go from being Rose to Sydney as seen here:

does that make you guys happy or sad and do you think that with the changes being made in bloodlines that the series will be as amazing if not better than VA? why or why not? :D

I'm going to thoroughly miss being in Rose's head, I mean face it...she is hilarious, while Sydney is more controlled, but I hope we get to see her cut loose a bit!!

I just have to remember that it's Sydney not Rose and all will be good! Plus, now we get to see more from the other characters and what's not to love about that?

i love VA, im excitted about blood lines i hope they will just say in passing what everyone else is up to from VA, i dont want to judge a book before i read it so im not going to say one way or another on bloodlines. but VA was amazing richelle read is an amazing author so im sure it will be kick ass. caint wait till it comes out " i think jill or sydney will end up with adrian"

Iyana are you happy that the side characters are going to be the new main characters? and idk who adrian will end up with but isnt jill a little young for h ...more
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hmmm. i have a prediction that Adrian is going to be torn. but mostly it will be sydney with Ian and adrian. Jill with Eddie im shure they are going to be together!!! even though eddie is Roses age it dosent matter perphaps he is going to be her guardiean!! ahhhhh cant wait1!! :) and lissa what is she going to do with Jill?

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