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message 1: by Kristine (last edited Jun 29, 2011 05:47PM) (new)

Kristine | 3 comments I don't know if it's just me, but I can never seem to finish this one.
I started this around July last year, and every time I pick it up again it doesn't stick with me :(
There are plenty of good reviews saying it's a great book...

Is it just me? Did anyone try this book?

What is the What

message 2: by Janice, Moderator (new)

Janice (jamasc) | 47251 comments Hi Jiwoon, it's helpful to put a link to the book in your message. That way people can find it easily. Just above the comment field is "add book/author". Click on that and a search field will come up.

What is the What by Dave Eggers

Wow, it looks really interesting, Jiwoon. Is it a bit too heavy for you? How far have you read?

I started reading a book, Knights of the Black and White by Jack Whyte who is one of my favorite authors and about something I find interesting (The Templar Knights), however I couldn't get into it either. I finally put it down to perhaps try again another time.

I would say that if the book is not resonating with you, and you've given it a fair chance, put it down and go on to something else.

message 3: by Shannon (new)

Shannon (sianin) | 453 comments Jiwoon:

I never finished it and only a couple of people out of our in person bookclub finished it. They seemed to enjoy it but those of us who couldn't finish are content with our decisions. not very helpful but that was my experience with it.

message 4: by Kristine (new)

Kristine | 3 comments @Janice
thanks for the good advice! I'll remember to put a link next time :) I struggled halfway through the book hoping that it would get better, and I guess I was thinking I should take interest in some of the real world issues explained there... but maybe it's to heavy for me right now.

@ Shannon
It's just that I see this book on the bestseller shelf every time I go to the local bookstore so I thought there must be something in it for me. Thanks for the advice, maybe I should let the book go now,,, it has been nagging me every night on my yet-to-finish shelf.

message 5: by Janice, Moderator (new)

Janice (jamasc) | 47251 comments Don't you hate it when a book nags at you? :)

message 6: by Brenda (new)

Brenda | 70 comments Jiwoon: I finished this one. But I felt that the story was very poorly told. Since it is a fictionalized account of Deng's "true story", I wondered if all these things actually happened to Deng or if they were all true events that actually happened during the war (just not to him personally).
As more and more tragedy strikes Deng, others start to tell him how God must have it in for him, as even they find all the tragedy unbelievable to happen to one person. Yes, those tragedies likely did happen during the war - the story about it happening to just one person makes it unbelievable though.

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