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Yaya! Thanks

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Ummmmm let see what have I done………

Harry Potter
Hunger Games
Forest people
High school
Which Hunter
Magic School
Old West
Peercy Jackson
*thinks harder*
Forbidden romance

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Same! Slave/owner i hated so cross that out

Spies was ok, sae with Medieval and Percy Jackson

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Umm idk lol sorry

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Aoright lets do medieval then?

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Alright 7 things people should know about me before we roleplay!!!

1. I can be very random so warning
2. I go far on romance but if you don't that is fine
3. I role play both guys and girls
4. I had ADHD and dylexia(sp?) So my spellinf may be bad
5. Umm i like chicken pot pie
6. I am 13
7. And i love roleplaying!

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Lol great! Alright so boy, girl or both

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Would you mind if i was a girl?

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Name: Abigal(Abby)
Age; 16
Gender: female
Personality: Avby is a little bit shy at first but then slowly opens up. She is kind to everyone, rich or poor and is willing to help anyone she can. Abby makes a living selling rugs her mother makes and sometimes Abby helps weave them. Abby is also funny and loves to laugh. Her laugh is soft and sounds like bells at times. She is pretty but Abby doesn't really care.
Appearance: long wavy brown hair that curls at the end. Her eyes are dark green, the color of grass. Her skin is a light pale and she is 5'3
History: tbrp
Family: mother, father, 5 brothers
Crush: umm
Ither: tbrp

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Yay! I really liked your descrition of his appearance, no lie!

Want to start or i cqm

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No problem

…………………………………………………………(sorry i love dots!)…………………

Abby kissed her mother goodbye and then left with her brother to go to the market. Abby walked along, humming to herself. Her brown hair was in two braids down her back, her eyes seemed sparkle. Abby hummed to herself as she walked, looking around

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((Gtg sorry))

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((Sorry i had a sleepover))

Abby stopped at a small bookstore and went in

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Abby just brushed through some titles before going outside. It was a nice spring day so Abby took her cloak off and put it i n her basket

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Abby went out and bumped into a boy eating cheese. "Opps pardon me"

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Abby smiled a little. "No its fine"

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"Thank you"Abby said and took it. "I'm Abby by the way"

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Abby shrugged "Just selling some things for my mother"

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Abby smiled slightly. "Alright shall I see you later?"she asked

((Can i change something about abby?))

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"Alright bye"Abby said and left

((Abby is actully a princess. She doesn't like being royal so dresses up as a villager and sneaks out. She said she was selling rugs for her mom, but she wasn't carrying rugs. They meet up again later that day, become good friends. The next day or something there is a parade and Abby rides down the street as the princess and Nick sees her?))

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((Haha thanks))

Abby spent the rest of the morning looking around the shops. She finally bought a sandwhich and sat down at a small table, looking around

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Abby paused in the bie of her sandwhich as she spotted Nick. "Nick!"she called, waving her hand to get his attemtion

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"Hello! Care to sit with me for some lunch?"Abby asked

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Abby smiled. "Can I get you anything to eat?"

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Abby nodded. "Alright what have you been up to?"she asked

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Abby nodded. "That's nice, I have just been looking around"

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Abby nodded. "Just looking I'm to poor to umm buy things I don't really need"

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Abby nodded. "Tell me about yourself"she said

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"There has to be something"

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Abby grinned "Really!?"

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"I would too"Abby said

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Abby shrugged "Don'tt have one though I love the Princess Bride"

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((If i dont see you today see ya in 3 weeks!))

"What about you?"

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Abby nodded. "You sure I can't get you anything?"

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Abby wat hed him closely but nodded

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Abby waited

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Abby smiled slightly and took his hnd

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