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Welcome to the mountains tributes! Over the next few weeks you will be staying at the luxurious spaces here fighting it out to the death! In front of upu is a wide open meadow. No hiding today tributes! Surrounding you are mountains. Inescapable, but climb-able. The only break in the mountains trapping you here is the small dark ominous forest to your right. Railroad tracks cut through the mountains and exit out through the forest. Have fun now you kiddies, and remember, don't play nice! Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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1) No crazy moves on your part will be aloud. What I mean is that you can't *pulls out magical knife and kills everyone, and wins*. You will get in seriously big trouble and thrown from the RP. You will also quite possibly face other consequences.

2) In the RP, any non RP fomented must be spoken within the double parenthesis ((Such as this)).

3) No one is aloud to just kill outright. Jahlia and I have worked out a method. If you want to kill someone, set up the scene, then in the double parenthesis you tell us you want to kill them. We will inform the other person, have you both choose a number, then put it in a random number generator. Whoever gets closest to the number gets to play out how the other dies. Even if your the person who wanted to kill the other. You have a 50/50 chance of dying either way.

4) When you die, don't continue to RP your person. On a different topic, your tribute's name will be crossed out, signifying your death.

5) Only Jahlia and I are allowed to talk in bold

((Note- I may add more rules if they come up later.))

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Let the games begin!!

You are wearing black Capri pants that are flexible and stretchy, and a thin white tank top. These hold no heat what so ever.

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Jaye (jazzy123) Sunaymi hears the gong ring and sprints off her place towards the corocopia, she grabs a large bag that she can barely lift, not checking the contents, and a hunting knife, plus a trident and runs off towards the mountains.

((who needs an ally?))

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Jaye (jazzy123) (( HEY ITS A QUARTER QUELL! ))

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Jia | 116 comments Bourke eyes the mountains above, he wants to explore them. NOW. But then he sees the Cornucopia. SHINY! He goes in and finds a backpack. Zipping it slightly ajar, he sees a water bottle and something wrapped in plastic. He saw a sword. Picking it up he examined that it was retractable! COOL BEANS! It looked cold up there, so he got a jacket as well and headed for the hills. :D

Dinah sees no trees, but she hopes there would be some axes in the Cornucopia. There were. She grabbed one and took a knife for whittling and such. Or not. She saw the forest. That would be her best bet.

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((how is it a quarter quell?))

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Jia | 116 comments ((Quarter Quells are every 25 years. So 25th Games, 50th Games, 75th Games, 100th Games. There's usually a cruel twist to a QQ, but we can over look that tiny detail, eh?))

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((jahlia, talk on bold. Lets discuss this more through a private message))

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Jia | 116 comments ((SPARKLE the TRIBUTE!)))

Bourke started his trek uphill. He sprinted up, hoping to find a cave somewhere to examine his goodies. ^.^

As she enters the forest, Dinah feels more at home. There's hardly any sunlight and there's trees! Examining her axe, she saw it was sharper than any she had used. This could be fun.

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Whoo! Fun! That's the attitude i'm looking for!

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Jia | 116 comments Bourke didn't find a cave but a small niche behind some rocks. There was hardly enough room for himself, but it was bigger than many of the spots he had hid in hide and seek. The sun was still shining, so he dumped his goodie bag and saw it contained the water bottle- full. The something wrapped in plastic, was plastic. It was a tarp. There was also some jerky and a few sticks of gum. He popped one in his mouth. It tasted sweet. He grinned and remembered the spot, and went on his way.

Dinah walks through the forest looking for a place to set up camp for the night. The contemplates going up in a tree, because at home, during the night wolves would come out hunting. That wouldn't be fun.

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Jaye (jazzy123) Sunaymi sees sunny- her district partner and sprints after him.
"Allies?" she yells up ahead and he turns around and smiles.

(((( answers barbara? ))))

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Anaquar makes a mad sprint for the cornucopia as soon as he hears the gong. He grabs a bow and arrow and heads for the forest.

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Jia | 116 comments Bourke keeps chewing his gum and he travels up the mountain. This Capitol gum hasn't lost it's taste yet. He smiled and was on his way to finding a cave. It was getting dark, he needed to make a fire or something. With no matches or wood up here, that would be a problem.

Dinah found no suitable trees in the area she was in. Sigh. She picked off a thicker branch and started whittling it. It made a sharp point at the end. So, she grabbed more branches.

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After hiking through the forest, Anaquar spots a rabit den. He knocks his bow and waits for a furry head to pop out, becaause he is starving. And as the sun slowly begins to set, he contemplates is campsite options.

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Jia | 116 comments Bourke eyes what he thinks is a cave. He uses all his strength to make it there. Turns out it was a hallucination. The niche was still down there, but it would take miles to get there. And as it was near night, he sin't sure if he should go up or down.

Dinah hears noises. Probably some bears or wolves or something. She climbs up in the nearest tree and shivers. It's colder than she thought.

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After a half hour of cramped silence, three rabbits pop out of the den, and Anaquar skewers them all with an arrow. He then proceeds to collect dead wood,and hikes back through the forest.

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"Hello tributes! Since we have a marvelous quarter quell on our hands, we find it only fair to clue you in as to the twist! To show that the capital had control over every aspect of the Rebel's lives whether they were aware or not, the arena that the tributes are in is subject to change at any time."

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Anaquar gathers as much would as e can carry, and finally decides to rest under a giant oak. He builds a fire and roasts the rabbits. He uses the rest of the wood to build a lean-to.

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Jia | 116 comments Up he went, not wanting to loose ground. He hadn't met any tributes along the way. They probably found a cave already. He spotted a tree. A legit tree. A dead legit tree, but a tree. Bourke went in for a few branches. He hoped to make a fire. Hopefully. He had seen on past Hunger Games, how hard could it be?

Dinah wished for some food. She had't eaten in a while. Shouldn't have skipped pre-Game brunch or lunch or whatever they call it. Lo and behold at the foot of her tree was a berry bush. It turned out to be non-toxic. She picked a few and went back up.

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Jaye (jazzy123) They run together through the field and keeps heading for the mountain but stops when she sees tributes already climbing it. She goes for the smallest most untouched peak and begins to climb its rocky surface

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A golden parachute drifts down from the sky as a light rain begins to settle over the arena. All the tributes see the parachute and the box it carries. Its settles down into the middle of the meadow. After some commotion, a small kitten emerges from the box. Harmless. Its confused, poor kitten. Soon it's stumbling towards one of the mountains.

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Jia | 116 comments From his spot, Bourke saw the parachute land. It was a pretty gold. SHINY! Something came out of it, he wasn't sure what it was. But it was walking. Maybe it was a muttation or something that could kill him. He'd seen trees be actually well camouflaged bug muttations before. He went back to his fire. Much harder than he thought.

Dinah saw the parachute fall, she wasn't sure where. But people would try getting what was inside, so she was debating to either go and bring her new weapons or stay and take a nap.

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Anaquar saw the parachute land after he finishes eating the rabbits. After a brief hesitation, he knocks two arrows and heads for the meadow.

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Jia | 116 comments If only he had matches, Bourke would be able to make a fire- easy. He moved up to another niche. It was bigger than the one before. He put up the tarp and concentrated on the fire.

Dinah decided to go for the meadow. She hopped down and ran towards.

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Jia | 116 comments Bourke sees smoke! "YES!" he exclaims. He covers his mouth and regrets his volume. :|

Dinah sees a cat. A little kitty. That's it? She starts to head back to the forest when she remembers the weapons she whittled.

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Just as he begins to exit the forest, Anaquar spots Dinah, walking towards him. He hides behind a boulder; Dinah doesn't notice him. She is barely twenty feet away. As silently as possible, Anaquar strings his bow.

(( I would like to kill Dinah now))

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Jia | 116 comments ((Well, I don't mind. But we have to talk to Sami or Jahlia. They'll do a number thing I guess. Fifty/fifty shot of who dies. And P.S. Dinsh doesn't have the kitty. She sees it and leaves. But whatever. :D))

Bourke adds tinder to his ember. FIRE!

Dinah starts into the forest when she hears something around her. She pulls out the axe from her belt.

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Jia | 116 comments ((Si, Jahlia!))

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(( Hi Jahlia! I'm to kill Dinah. Could you and Samino set up that number generator so I can try my luck?))

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Jia | 116 comments ((Jahlia, work your magic! :D))

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(( I pick 4))

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Jia | 116 comments ((Okay, ummm... 3.))

Bourke sees the thing in the parachute. It's a kitty. He scrams. Who knows what this thing could turn into. He leaves his tarp and fire, hoping to come back later. He grabs his sword. Pressing a button makes the blade appear. "Stand back kitty!" The cat was kinda cute.

Dinah takes slow deep breaths. She walks in a circle and sees no one. But she can feel the presence of someone else.

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Anaquar freezes, and realises that he has been sensed. He tries to crouch lower behind the boulder, and his leg begins to fall asleep.

HungerGamesAddict (ach45) | 70 comments Ainsley headed up a mountain to camp with Stella trudging behind her they had decided to form an alliance and Ainsley had made it her job to find protection and protect Stella.

Catherina grabbed some arrows and a bow from the Cornucopia and headed for the woods.

HungerGamesAddict (ach45) | 70 comments Ainsley headed up a mountain to camp with Stella trudging behind her they had decided to form an alliance and Ainsley had made it her job to find protection and protect Stella.

Catherina grabbed some arrows and a bow from the Cornucopia and headed for the woods.

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Jia | 116 comments Bourke knew this was trouble. This was just a kitty and he was already freaked out. He drew his sword came closer and stabbed it. Poor little thing. He felt like crying. But, he was what he thought was manly. He stabbed it again. Hoping it was officially dead. It was. He didn't want to leave it there, so he edged it off the mountain. "Bye pretty kitty." Then, he wondered if he could have used it for food. But, then gum's flavour had not run out yet. He went back to his niche and tried to think of good things.

Dinah gets dizzy. For some reason, she starts skipping down the forest path, humming a song from an old movie she'd seen when her prep team was getting her ready for the interviews. We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of- She had forgotten the words. But the tune was still in her head.

((Aww, Dinah dies. So long!))

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((Yay! Let's see if I can write a nice kill scene....))

Anaquar slowly rises and lines up his shot. Dinah is barely twenty feet away. He fires the arrow, and it flies through the air with a soft hissss. Bullseye! It slices through Dinah's neck in an awesome spray of blood and flesh. Anaquar takes her ax, and heads back to his campsite.

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Jia | 116 comments Bourke hears the cannon fire and the anthem play. Someone's gone. He's glad it wasn't him. All he can think of is that cat, coming back to life with the help of modern mechanics, climbing up to kill him. He pulls on the sweater he previously took off. It was getting cold.

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((Jahlia, please wait for me next time. I don't believe it will kill you tributes to wait, and if it does, that just makes it way easier on my part))

HungerGamesAddict (ach45) | 70 comments Stella ran in front of Ainsley she was going to protect this 12 year old girl. " Stella I want to lead " whined Ainsley. " Your to young " muttered Stella feeling bitter.

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Jaye (jazzy123) sunaymi walks with sunny

HungerGamesAddict (ach45) | 70 comments Stella sat down to rest behind a snow drift on the mountain with Ainsley. She told Ainsley to eat the snow and she had some herself her belly was grumbling this was the best she could do.

Catherina climbed one of the few trees around looking to form an alliance with someone

(( Anyone want to form an alliance with me?? ))

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Jia | 116 comments ((Poo, I didn't I was dead. Huh. Okay, I guess I'll be watching from the Dead Tribute's After Party! :D))

HungerGamesAddict (ach45) | 70 comments (( LOLZ ))

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((jia, I'll make you a topic as soon as someone else dies. *devilish grin*))

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Jia | 116 comments ((Okay, Sami. This is excellent cake. Too bad the tributes have to do with jerky and such.))

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((LOL, yeah!))

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Jia | 116 comments ((Yeah! You could get killed by kitties or shot through the neck easily and come join me (actually my tributes) at the partay!))

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