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yeah, that's a good point, but the US alone wastes like at least 100 or so pounds of meat a year. actually, that sounds like not enough.

a message for the veggietarians and vegans out there:
i am with you! but i'm also with her. hmmm...
anyway, i don't eat alot of meat, and if i didn't like it so much, i'd go veggie.

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Lunabell  (lunabell) Lavon, that's so cool that you live off nature like that!

Humans are omnivores. Not herbivores.

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Katie | 1 comments i am definitely not a vegetarian. i love meat and lavon that's really cool!

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hi!! i just got back from a camping trip @ inks lake w/my class. on the trip, i was vegetarian, but later i will be eating meat! hallelujiah! i THINK thats how u spell it.....

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Sunstorm | 4 comments I respect Vegitarians, but I don't think it's right either. You should use the resources that God gave us, and one is meat. That's just what I think.
Besides, it's not healthy to not eat meat. Meat had good proteins and everything--proteins are needed for survival, so yeah. Meat is something we need to have.

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Soon-yiHearto i think that we should take care of our inverment more, reuse things, make the world a little bit more better looking then it does now and work on it a little bit every day. i believe if we can do it, then we will have a better, heathlier world that every1 can live in.

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Soon-yiHearto yay!! *smiles*

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Soon-yiHearto *smiles and gives the high five*

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yeah, that's basically what everyone is saying. yay, we all agree!!

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Bradley | 5 comments I am not a vegie.. but I can understand the view point pretty well. I free in another life I was probably a druid of some sort or other. Perhaps that is what drew me to write fantasy. One of the strongest voices in my writing is one of the heroes of my book. Kiril. I hold nature and all its wonders in very high regard. =)

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Audrey (aud_eve) Hello to all the other Nature lovers out there! I'm so glad I found this group!

I really like Lavon's main post for this discussion. I have a huge herb garden that I use for most of my remedies. I love preserving as much of my vegetable garden as possible every year... And Friday night I made the most wonderful from-scratch mincemeat for a pie I'm bringing to work tomorrow. And for the meat - the venison from a deer my grandfather got a few years ago.

I love living off the land. I love growing and taking care of the plants and animals God put here, and I love using and respecting them as intended.

I'm excited to be a part of this group!

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♥ Rachel♥   (i_got_a_jar_of_dirt) | 5 comments icepool-that's awesome, wat ur family does. i have a garden outside, and we eat most of the stuff we grow there...xcept violets. violets do not taste good. cherry tomatoes do though! and cucumbers and peppers and everything else that grows there...XD anyhoo.

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