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Sequels don't always measure up, but this one sure does!

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Peggy Sometimes book 2 of a series falls a little flat, even if you really liked the debut book. That is not the case with The Magician (yeah!!), really love (or love to hate) the new characters that have come into play and if anything book 2 has taken things up a notch! Can't wait for next June and book 3.

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Liz I agree. The first book was enjoyable but this one was better in my opinion. I liked the new characters introduced and the two plots; the twins and Nicholas escaping Dee and Machiavelli and Perrenelle trying to escape Alcatraz. These books kind of remind me of the Percy Jackson books - Scott and Riordan tie in a lot of history and mythology into a modern day action packed adventure. I think I enjoy these books more though. I like Scott's writing style better than Riordan's.
I hope The Sorceress is as good as the first two.

Michelle I liked the first book very much but I felt annoyed when the author would keep on repeating the same information over and over again (ex. The twins parents are Archaeologists). Now i'm reading the Magician and I like it so far....I sure hope that annoying repitition doesn't happen in this book. I wonder if Josh will go to the "dark side". I can't wait to find out.

Jenn i luv this book! it was sooooo good!!!!! i really hope the sorceress is just as good or better!!!


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Zephfire I thought that you all would like to know that The Magician is up for The Irish Book of the Year award!! An award that the author holds very dear as it is where he lives! He would really appreciate your vote (it is won by public vote, and open to world-wide voters!) also, every person who votes is entered into a draw to win €750 of Book Tokens..wouldn't that be a fantastic prize for us book lovers!
Full details on how to vote can be found on the Flamel forum, or you can go direct to the voting page here:

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