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who loves this book?

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Ann? i think this book is great, but i dont like how it ends...i think if i was going to compare our world to the one across the divide, i would say ours is better, but if we had some elements from across the divide it would be definitely cool

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Lindsay I'm only on chapter 7 right now and am wondering what's going to happen. It feels as though lots has happened but I'm not yet excited about it. I'm reading it mostly because of the interesting cover...

!ĘŁÏŻÅ¡ The cover is cool.

Emmanuel Boston I bought it for the cover. Oops... But I really enjoyed it when I was younger. Haven't reread it ever, so can't tell you what I think now.

Rashika (is tired) it was actually good :) i never read the last book in the serious so i dont know how it ends :/

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