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is this a kids book or a adult book
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Not for very young children, but good for everyone from about the age of 8 on up.

It's a children's book. And they grow along with the child. I started reading them at 10.

You'll first you'll have to consider for yourself what exactly is children's book and what is an adult book.

I would consider a book a children's only if it's heavily relied on picture. Adult books being everything else.

So in my view, no, Harry Potter 3 is not a kids book.

Both. The crowd level grew with the characters throughout the series. In the beginning it was more for kids, but by the end it was angled toward teens and adults more.

started reading them at 9!

I think they are for anyone 10 and up :) I actually started reading the first book when I was 11 so I really enjoyed it and felt like I was going through everything with Harry. Harry Potter and I pretty much grew up together so all the books mean a lot to me.

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I think you can definitely see in Philosopher's Stone that it started off as a childrens' series, at least. I haven't re-read the later books recently so I can't really say beyond that...

The first was most definetly a children's book, but as the series went on, the content definetly ventured more toward teen. I think this happened in Goblet of Fire, as death becomes more of a theme, and it definetly becomes more than simply good versus evil. But, Half-blood prince and Deathly Hallows were most definetly teen books.

Both. The books capture many of the struggles and experiences associated with growing up, but they face many of the same challenges adults face (and sometimes far more). I think that's what I love most about them--I get Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans as well as epic, life-or-death battles, without having to choose one or the other!

I think that HP books are for pretty much any age group; so long as you can actually read and make sense of it... I grew up reading Harry Potter and I think that the level of the content kind of grew as I got older, so it always felt appropriate for me.

The good thing about the Harry Potter series is that children, young adults and adults can enjoy them. As a child you might like the adventures and enjoy the characters, as an adult you're also able to see the many themes interwoven with the plot.

It's a kid's book, but the last three are more adult-like. They were designed to grow up with the child, so the first three and maybe four are appropriate for younger children, but the last ones aren't. However, just because they are good books for children doesn't mean they aren't great for adults too.

Here is what I think:She started with a kid book and continuing with writing it,she forgot it was supposed to be kid book......its senseless but that is what I always think.....

A lot of libraries these days are classifying it as "Tween", actually - for the age between childhood and teenager, usually 9-12. That doesn't mean adults can't read and enjoy it as well!

It's a children's book, but adults like it too

It's a children's book but when Harry Potter was first published they put it as a children's book with one cover and an adult book with a different cover to see who it appealed to more.

I actually kind of get mad when people call Harry Potter a children's book. Sure, there are lots of fanciful adventures, but I find the books to be quite deep and brilliant in a way that only older reader's can understand and appreciate. I read the books at the same age Harry Potter was in each book, and I grew simultaneously with the characters in the books. It was very special to me.

My short answer? It's for all ages, but I think you can appreciate it a little more at a mature enough age to understand everything.

I think adults enjoy it but kids LOVE it. At least kids like me.

It's for kids and adults who are still kids at heart. I read the whole series.

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I started rading it at 12 and finished when i am 22 but i have re-read the entire saga 5 times in this years. I love it and I think is an everyone book, perhaps it started like a children books but during the saga it will be an everyone book :-)

(Sorry for the language, I am not english)

I think the books grew up a little with the characters, but as has been said earlier, it's a book. Doesn't matter who it's aimed at. Not all kids will understand or appreciate it, but a lot will. A good book is a good book regardless of who it's aimed at.

Its junior fiction kids or adults can read it

BOTH!!!! Why this is this on every HP book review

Liam The reason they are both is because children and adults will like them.
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kids book

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i think it is for kids starting middle school and adults

My dad and I both read them and enjoyed them. I think that she started the series out wayyyyyy less intense than she finished it. I think that by book 5 it turns into more of an young adults book than kids. Just my opinion!

I read them as an adult, and my kids enjoyed them as well. They start out at a 9-11 year old range and increase slightly in complexity of theme as you go through them.

As C.S. Lewis said, “A children’s story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children’s story in the slightest.”

both! It started out for kids at 11 and like Harry, us kids grew up into teenagers and the more Harry aged, the darker and more mature the series got.

More of a teen book, but, it is both.

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its a childrens book

Originally it's for Kids.

I'd say both. I'm an adult, and I have enjoyed the books I've read in the series. In fact, I find them a refreshing change of pace from the "heaviness" of some adult novels.

Both. I like to think its more of a kids book, as I'm eleven. Still, either way, its still fantastic, brilliant, wonderful, Harry Potter!

both :D

I started when I was 14 and ended when I was 23. I had to finish and I enjoyed them still. Although, the last few books were just not as good. But I don't think age had anything to do with it.

an everyone book

They're adult books with a lot of kids in them. I first thought so when Jenny was possessed and writing messages on the wall with dead people's blood. Not exactly Ferdinand the bull, if you ask me.

Rene Schwartz Doesn't matter which species' blood it was.
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