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Buffy books > What did everyone think of the Buffy follow up book "Queen of the Slayers"?

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Rachel | 44 comments So I finished it. Few things that I liked and this may be a spoiler, so anyone who hasn't read the book, may not want to read this.
1.)OZ!!!!!! He didn't come back on the show b/c Seth didn't like working with Sarah. It was great that he was able to return. Its good to know what happened to him after he left the show and that he put at peace Willow's choice of 'partner'
2.)okay, this one I loved! The mention of Ghost of the Robot! James' band! they sound awsome incase people didn't know.
3.)So on Angel season 5, there were several mentions about what was happening with Buffy and her gang. They kept all that in the story. I was glad that they pulled it all together.
4.)so what happens to the ones who escaped through the portal? How can they just get away? Regina and the rebel Slayers, the Immortal, the two Borgia vampires? What happens there? Is there another story?

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