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message 1: by Beth (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:01PM) (new) - added it

Beth Granger The idea of how the main character went back in time is just so cool, and very different than any other time travel book I've read.

Suzy Stewart Dubot I loved the story. Did you know that the Dakota Buildings (where it was supposed to take place) was where John Lennon was living when he died?
You might like to read 'Time is the simplest Thing' by Clifford D. Simak. Different type of time travel...

message 3: by Amy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Amy Another kind of time travel mystery, is Time out of Mind by John Maxim.

Kressel Housman That Department of Time Travel study was interesting, and time travel by hypnosis is unusual (though SOMEWHERE IN TIME did it better), but I felt that solving a mystery for Kate, with whom he breaks up in the end, was sort of a contrived motivation.

Jean I read both "Time and Again" and the sequel " From Time to Time." I've always been fascinated by the idea of time travel. Both these books give us a small glimpse of what it was like to live in a different time.

TrumanCoyote Unfortunately, another lame ending from Jack Finney (he seems to specialize in them). ;)

Suzy Stewart Dubot TrumanCoyote wrote: "Unfortunately, another lame ending from Jack Finney (he seems to specialize in them). ;)"

Strange. Why is it a lame ending? Your perception is different to mine so perhaps I missed something...

Steven Davis I thought it was a great ending. It's the sequel that screws up the ending.

Brenda Clough Yes, if you really want to enjoy the first volume, do not read the second.
I believe the author stated that he didn't want to get into the mechanics of time travel. No machines -- he wanted to just get to the thing itself and have fun.

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Cateline I've read both, and didn't care for either. I only read the second on account of my "sequel compulsion". :) I thought the method of time travel was stretching it to say the least. Self-hypnosis? Gak.

Brenda Clough Oh, there is a considerable history of 'mental' time travel. In THE STORY OF THE AMULET they keep on saying that time is only a mode of thought. And if you look at the latter Allan Quartermain novels, he does some 'astral travel' in a drug-induced hypnotic state. (If you've read THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN he also does this there.) Another example taht comes to mind is the time travel that Superman and other DC heroes occasionally indulged in, in the Silver Age. This always involved a mental device or helmet of some sort.

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Michael Mayer Time Trippers

Time and Again is about my favorite book of all time, pun intended. I was inspired by Time and Again to write my historically accurate adventure in time travel based on actual events, a love note to New York in the 1920's.
Time and Again's slow build and detailed as if you were there walk through the city is superb! The sequel started out well, that concept was wonderful. As a whole it was pretty good but bogged down and got off point, and had a few inaccuracies in the Titanic tale that irritated me, a big Titanic and early 20th Century fan and historian.
If you liked Time and Again you might like my humble tome.

Karen Estis If you like these two Jack Finney books, give "Replay" by Ken Grimwood a try.

Brenda Clough I'm afraid the sequel to TIME AND AGAIN was just terrible. Enjoy the first one, but avoid the second! But REPLAY was a wonderful book, an award winner.

Steven Davis Replay is great. When in life you read it certainly changes the tone. I was in my early twenties when I read it, & thought it was a really well done time travel story. I gave it to my father, in his late sixties, & it left him emotionally devastated.

Penny Somewhere in Time by Richard Matheson was excellent too, a beautiful love story.
I loved both the Jack Finney books too.
Also Doomsday book by Connie Willis.

J. Dallas I read (several times) all the books Penny commented on. I really liked them. Bid Time Return (Somewhere in Time) by Richard Matheson is my all time favorite book. I have not heard of "Replay". But I will eagerly seek it out.
Has anyone read "a shortcut in time" by Charles Dickinson? I found it just "Okay".

Ernie Wood I've always thought of "Time and Again" as the gold standard for time travel. It's particularly effective in the way it paints a portrait of what the physical city and life there were like in the past--which makes it appealing to fans of time travel and more general readers alike.

message 19: by Michael (last edited Feb 20, 2013 07:02PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Michael Mayer I agree with Ernie - Time and Again is the gold standard. As far as method, the idea that surrounding yourself with the trappings of another era in a time portal is a very cool concept, and it can get spooky if you do it yourself, as I did writing my novel, with original 1920's recordings, 1920's magazines, and my knowledge of the era made it very real. Also, my attendance at a Dorothy Parker Society speakeasy get together at the Flute in NY City last October in costume was VERY real I felt like if I walked up to the sidewalk it would be 1927.....and I learned the basic Charleston step too.

Michael Mayer PS 'Midnight in Paris' was also awesome, getting lost and emerging in a different time period.... Also Finney's short stories, particularly 'I Love Galesburg in the Springtime' and 'The Third Level' (of Grand Central Station that is...) were beautiful!

Kressel Housman Michael wrote: "a Dorothy Parker Society speakeasy get together at the Flute in NY City last October in costume"

Wow! Who knew such a thing existed? I'm reading a history of Prohibition right now, and a gathering like that sounds like fun! I'd go as a temperance protestor.

The book is called Last Call by Daniel Okrent. I think you'd like it.

Michael Mayer Going to read it!

LindaJ^ Time and Again is a favorite of mine. Another similar type of time travel book is Kindred by Octavia Butler. And Connie Willis' books are great. I especially liked Blackoutand All Clear (All Clear, #2), which concern WWII and the UK.

Craig Stratton I love time travel stories and will check out the ones suggested on this board. One of my favorites was Chrichton' Timeline. The movie was terrible, but the book was great. Finney does a great job describing how the people of the past look different, and suggests that they are happier (mostly) because the environment is much more pure than the Si's present (1970's). I wonder if Si lived today, would he still choose to go back? Granted, we have our problems, but we do have an EPA and other agencies to help clean rivers, streams, and the atmosphere. We have laws in place to limit the destruction caused by pollution. And the NY City of today is much cleaner and safer than NY City of the 1970s.

Michael Mayer Don't doubt Finney (Si) would not hesitate to go back. Of course the 1880s / 90s was a cesspool of industrial and urban blight and pollution, poisons in meat, no FDA, filth low pay and dangerous working conditions the economy fueled by a steady flow of desperate immigrants willing to work for low wages or sodbust out west for a chance at a better life, but where else was it any better? Why else dud they come here? The 19th Century's people are what turned Si Morely on the work ethic, stiff morality, sociable neighbors. Every time has its trade offs. I prefer the 1920's as in my book but I don't for a minute suggest that it was better - just with a different set if trade offs.

Simone Karen wrote: "If you like these two Jack Finney books, give "Replay" by Ken Grimwood a try."


Simone Brenda wrote: "I'm afraid the sequel to TIME AND AGAIN was just terrible. Enjoy the first one, but avoid the second! But REPLAY was a wonderful book, an award winner."

I agree!! The sequel was mediocre & Replay was great!

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