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Luthiel's Song -- Supporting Positive Female Archetypes

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message 1: by Anna (last edited Aug 25, 2016 11:11AM) (new)

Anna | 1 comments Just want to say this is a fantastic group with an essential cause.

Reading through your topics, I began to think about books I've read recently that set women in a positive light and begin to undermine centuries of 'bad press' women have received in various religions, cultures, and works of fiction.

If you are a feminist and you're looking for an archetypal positive/mythic woman to refer to as a role model you couldn't go wrong with Luthiel. I recently read the book and was floored by how honest and strait forward a mythic fantasy could be. In many ways it renewed my hope.

The author is a man -- Robert Marston Fanney. From what I understand he was inspired by his mother who was born with spine bifida in 1947. Somehow this lady's parents were able to get help for her in a time when babies with spine bifida hardly ever lived for more than a few years. I read some notes from a recent public presentation and it seems that her outlook on life after having lived with spine bifida for 60+ years inspired him to write this book.

Now the story is not about a lady with a disability. Instead it's more about the spirit of grace in the world. And a uniquely female spirit it is!

If you gals read it, please let me know what you think as this is a story and an author very close to my heart.

message 2: by Max (new)

Max Salt | 1 comments I'm new to Goodreads and just learning my way around, but the title of this group caught my attention, mainly because the protagonist in the series of novels I'm writing is a young woman who is a survivor of violence directed against her and her family. She has since dedicated her life to avoiding violence but also being ready if it comes for her again. Of course, this being a novel, events happen where she finds herself a reluctant hero who deliberately puts herself in the path of violent individuals to protect others.

The idea for my character, Shailene Campbell, occurred to me while I was reading another excellent story about a strong, heroic woman, Dean Koontz' Intensity. I thoroughly enjoyed that novel and strongly recommend it to anyone who likes stories with strong female protagonists, but I wanted to go further with the idea, and Shailene pretty much introduced herself to me. I've been writing about her steadily since 2002, and will release the second novel in the series soon, probably by the end of Feb 2008.

Another novel with a strong, positive female archetype is Richard Adams' Maia--an excellent, epic story about a young woman who faces injustice and ugliness in the world, but manages to find her way and rise above all the bad around her. Great book.

I've always liked strong female characters, and I'm interested in other recommendations, like Anna's, of novels which feature women who find ways to effectively deal with adversity.

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