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Stepping Up!

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Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to give you an update about this group. When this group was started by Kristi and Heather initially, I wasn't planning on becoming a moderator at all (I have a tight schedule of deadlines and knew I couldn't devote much time to moderating), which groups tend to require much of: time. But because of Kristi and Heather's dedication, I joined in and became a moderator here.

I'm grateful these two gals created a group like this to discuss books and themes in these books. I don't preach in these books, nor do I provide answers all the time... mainly because I meant for these books to spur discussions.

Kristi and Heather did an incredible job creating discussion topics here. They really got the gists of the books and know the characters really well. Unfortunately, due to personal reasons and conflicting interests, as well as time constraints, Kristi could not devote much time as moderator and had to step down. We will miss her but know she has other interests that require more of her time.

In the meantime... we're here - Heather and I so feel free to explore topics here and join in!

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