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Bloomin’Chick (Jo) aka The Eclectic Spoonie (bloominchick) This year is flying by so fast it's actually scarey! Sometimes I feel as though I've got no time to catch my breath!

I'm so excited! As much as I LOVE gardening, I LOVE Autumn more! It's truly my favorite time of year! Gardening is done and it's pure enjoyment right now! (Watering is the only 'chore.') I've got a crow Scarecrow out next to the Tomato's and soon other Autumn characters will join him! The tree leaves have actually begun to turn here, thanks to a lot of sunny days and cool evenings in August and this month.

Out front, right now the Cosmos are going to seed and on their last blooms ~ I've got more Cosmos seeds now for next year than I may know what to do with! The butterfly bush is also nearly done for the year. The Zinnia are still going strong as are the Sunflowers, Morning Glories, Dianthus and Ice Plant! The Autumn Joy Sedum is beginning to turn red and another round (probably the last) of Tomato's began ripening the end of last week! The Aster just started popping out it's purple flowers last week as did the rusty red Mum!

I've had so many butterflies out front this year! And last week, 3 Goldfinches! They all love the Sunflowers and the Zinnia's!!!

I did most of my gardening with seeds this year (direct sown outside) and this has been my best year yet, $ wise, plant wise and looking wise, since we moved here in 12/05!!!

Out back, there's a lone Rose in bloom on the bush and the pink Wax Begonia's are still going strong, but the Butterfly Bush is done as are the Petunia's! Guess I'll have to pick up some more Mums and some Pansy's to get some color out there and make it look alive again!

How is everyone doing?! How are your gardens doing? Do you love this time of year or is it a bit sad since things are winding down?

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Tera I just did my fall planting in my garden a few weeks ago. This will be my first time with two growing seasons. So far everything is sprouted and looking great.

Bloomin’Chick (Jo) aka The Eclectic Spoonie (bloominchick) Ooooooo! 2 growing seasons?! I'm jealous!!!

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