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message 1: by Jennifer (last edited Sep 15, 2008 06:40AM) (new)

Jennifer Woollven (jwoollven) | 15 comments Mod
What motivates the main character in your book? What does he/she want? What is he/she trying to accomplish? If your book is non-fiction, describe the most interesting thing you have learned.

message 2: by Kyle Zrostlik (new)

Kyle Zrostlik | 13 comments Like the title Benny is in search for safety. With the new neighborhood and new people, he's not neccessarily accepted. His step-Father ends up being abusive and his only comfort zone was when he had his aunt which leaves to visit the grandpa in the story.

Katy Pennington | 26 comments The girl that he is falling for motivates him to do better.
The incident that happened in Hawaii made him want to better himself, and quit doing drugs. He wants to follow in his fathers footsteps and go to UCLA

message 4: by Sam Kowalski (new)

Sam Kowalski | 16 comments Chelsea's motive in this book is to eventually host her own show. She wants to be a famous author also.

message 5: by Scout Mason (new)

Scout Mason | 25 comments Rossamund wants to travel across the country to get to his new job as a lamplighter. He also wants to learn along the way

Lorenzo Mendoza | 19 comments Its complicated with this book because this book involves many different stories that involve different morals and conclusions. One example however is Achilles heel he try's to save the kings niece doing so he gets a poison arrow through his heel and dies, but with all his heroism and things he accomplished in his war he went down in history as a hero.

message 7: by James Baker (new)

James Baker | 17 comments The main motivation of my book is that Augustine is trying to find inspiration for his poetry. What he is hoping to do is make poetry that everyone will love.

message 8: by Jordan Stewart (new)

Jordan Stewart | 16 comments The main character has been hearing voices in his corn field telling him to build something and figures out that he has to build a baseball field. His motivation for doing this is he thinks Shoeless Joe Jackson will come.

message 9: by aaron morales (new)

aaron morales (what-it-dew) | 25 comments amir is trying to reach his long lost friends son who has been kidnapped by the tali ban. this motivates amir because his friend was killed by the Taliban and he really wants to see that his best friends son is safe in America.

message 10: by Carlos Mora (new)

Carlos Mora  Mora (CarlosMora) | 15 comments Pincher, the main character in this story wants to win an Ice Sculpture Contest. He wants to sculpt an ice that looks like half a girl and half a guy. Pinchers motivation is to work with his family and actually win something for once.

message 11: by Abraham Carrillo (new)

Abraham Carrillo | 14 comments The that that motivates my main character the most is keeping his newly formed family safe. Also since a little while into the book, he then is tyring to get his little sister back from the erasers. Also he wants to get her back but he doesn't want his other family members hurt in the process.

message 12: by Lorenza (new)

Lorenza (la-lore) | 4 comments My character from "The Education of Robert Nifkin", his motivation is to find a way to get out of high school and to live his life.

message 13: by Deanna McCubbins (new)

Deanna McCubbins | 16 comments The thing that motivates the main character Jamie is being nice to everyone. The main character Landon's motivation is just getting through school and graduating.

message 14: by David, Lopez (new)

David, Lopez | 5 comments The main character in my book is Ann Frank, she wants to be able to go out again with her friends but with out all the segregation that is going on like her being a "Jew" and having to wear a Yellow star on her. And being treated like she some kinda "Alien" or infection. And right now she's just trying to survive because now her and her family and friends are in hiding from being taking and possibly being killed.

message 15: by Armando Navarro (last edited Oct 02, 2008 09:42AM) (new)

Armando Navarro | 21 comments the Lind family in the raising in the sun is trying to move up to a better life with more space and better quality, the family gets its motivation from seeing each struggle in every day life in the south side of Chicago. from my book i learned many things, i learned that you should stick with your roots and i also learned that no matter how big or nice surprises can be you have to stick to your family and not be trade them nor your roots or pride.

Cornelio Treminio | 14 comments Making up for mistakes in the past. Realizing that hassan was his half brother, he feels determined to rescue hassans son from an orphanage in Kabul.

message 17: by Shelby Carroll (new)

Shelby Carroll | 29 comments Max's motivation is freedom, she wishes for the "Flock" to be free without the worry of being caught or killed. She tries to accomplish many things such as finding the groups original parents because they all have/had biological parents. My book is fiction so there is a lot of unrealistic things but a thing i have learned is that if you love someone or multiple people you'll probably do anything to help them in any way you can.

message 18: by Bianca Jackson (new)

Bianca Jackson | 18 comments Yoshi, Rhonda, and Reese are motivated by money but Billy is motivative by love in the sense that she wants to find herself.

message 19: by Seth Snyder (new)

Seth Snyder | 17 comments What motivates Stopthief (the orphan) is survival. Everything he does is to keep him alive. He wants food and one of his goals is to be a soldier (jackboots). Stopthief is trying to accomplish being a jackboot.

Jonathan Schneider | 13 comments The thing that motivates Bella, once she gets into Edward's life, is the fear of not knowing what might happen to her if she were to stop finding out as much as she can about Edward. She feels attached to him more and more as the book goes on.

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