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message 1: by Robert (new)

Robert M (rfmdevil73) | 12 comments Does anybody else here enjoy Camelot on Starz? 1st off, I never read about Camelot or saw any other version until the series on Starz. I really enjoyed the show.

Hopefully without giving an spoilers for those who haven't seen the finale, I was left with questions about Merlin. Is Merlin just a wizard? When he was crying in a desperate act his tears were of blood. For those that did see the show, was it just me or did 'daywalker' pop into your head? I don't know fantasy well enough. I guess it depends on the book, is there any mention of vampires walking in the daylight? It left me wondering if Merlin was more than just a wizard.

Definitely don't read any further if you haven't seen the last episode yet.

Morgan taking the face of Guinevere in that nice little love scene at the end. I really hope there's a new born involved. I also think it would be interesting to see how the child is raised & who the child favors, Morgan or Arthur. I was disappointed that there wasn't more detail of the dark history with Morgan & that entity of sorts I believe she worships in an earlier episode 2 I think. Maybe there will be more on that in the next season.

message 2: by Colin (new)

Colin | 278 comments I would suggest you enjoy the show for all its worth, and then once you have solidified your enjoyment of it, pick up a copy of some arthurian legends, Le Morte D'Arthur maybe. Hopefully your enjoyment of the show will be on strong bedrock when you start reading some of the tales out there.

message 3: by Mary (new)

Mary (ValentineW) | 118 comments I think a better book to start with would be The Once and Future King by T H White. It was the basis for the musical Camelot & is probably one of the easiest reads of the Arthur/Camelot legend.

I'm having trouble understanding how someone can never have heard the story of King Arthur and Camelot before...

Personally, I'm a bit of an Arthurian purist. I've read Le Morte D'Artur, The Once & Future King, The Mists of Avalon, and several explorations of the possible reality & history behind the myth of King Arthur. I had issues with SyFy's Merlin series, and based on the reviews, I'd likely have issues with Starz's Camelot series as well. On the other hand, if it makes you explore the Arthurian mythology more, it can't be all bad, now can it? :)

message 4: by Colin (new)

Colin | 278 comments Merlin is a whole different ball game. It lives in the BBC "revival" of traditional legends for a 'hip' younger audience. The abomination that was Robin Hood, the failed period piece about a young robin hood and friends, going up against the evil sheriff who wore velcro sandals (i like to go so far and say they were crocs), is Merlin's aborted bastard sibling.

Merlin is a decent show to watch, provided you go into it accepting the fact that while the character names sound like the Arthurian counterparts, there is very little Arthurian Mythology going on. And the "castle guard"/"knights of camelot" like to form shield walls...without shields.

message 5: by Halbot42 (new)

Halbot42 | 185 comments I have to push the pram alot
Having made my Python joke I'll say that i watched the first couple episodes and not even the vigorous nudity was able to overcome my apathy for this series. I thought Fiennes was better with hair in Flash Forward than this. I started my Arthur days with Mary Stewart's Crystal Cave and moved on Marion Zimmer Bradley. Lately ive been reading The Dragon and the Unicorn, the coolest reimagining of the whole mess ive seen. For example, Merlin is a demon bound to earth and forced to serve humanity.

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