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message 1: by Lunabell (new)

Lunabell  (lunabell) Clariandra was bored. Again. She was at tea with Lady Argansnot, and Lady Argansnot was complaining about how her maids were never on time. She had been complaining for an hour now.

Clariandra sighed, and propped up her chin with her hand. Her mother, the queen, glared at her. Clariandra quickly sat up straight. The queen was very strict.

Clariandra blinked her eyes to stay awake. Finally, she gave in to the need to get away from there. "May I use the restroom?" she asked very politely. Her mother glared, but Lady Argansnot said, "Of course." Clariandra stood up, and left the room as quickly as possible without running. She didn't go to the restroom. Instead she headed for the back doors of the palace. The guards gave her strange looks, but let her through.

Once outside, she breathed in the cool night air. She knew that others didn't smell it the way she did. It wasn't sweet, exactly, but it had that sort of flavor to it. The Night was an excellent smell.

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s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» Caa fluttered around Goldenflower's head.

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((i'm not used to rping like this, how do i , you know, rp with it?(strange question, i know)))

s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» ((What do you mean?))

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((oh, i made a charachter who's a princess))

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

((i mean i'm used to rping cats in clans, not humans))

s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» ((If I know what you're asking, you control your character, speak to others... and... that's pretty much it in general. Unless people say so, you can't use their character(s), and you can't seriously hurt or kill other peoples characters.))

s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» ((Oh. So that's what you mean. I don't know the difference, 'cause I don't know anything about the Warriors role play things.))

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((oh no! i have to go, bye!!))

message 14: by s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» (last edited Sep 14, 2008 09:44AM) (new)

s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» "You're dirty," she said, trying to clean Goldenflower's hair.

((Oh yeah, Caa's a germophobe (sp?).))

s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» (( sp? means spelling?, like did I spell it right))

Caa grinned and continued to pull bits and pieces of things out of Goldenflower's hair.

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selina walked aorund town

message 18: by [deleted user] (new)

selina sawthem "hey" she said

message 19: by [deleted user] (new)

selina caught up with them

message 20: by [deleted user] (new)

((ok buh byez))

s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» Caa flitted over to Yimp and started polishing his scales.

message 22: by Kota (new)

Kota She slowly opened her eyes. She was lost. She was alone. Who was She?

message 23: by Kota (new)

Kota She looked around at the trees hanging over her head. She breathed in the sweet smell of pine. She breathed in life. "Who am I?" She asked herself. All she rembered was a dream, a distant mirage that told her whole life story. And yet, it was all just a dream. She was she, and that was all she knew.

message 24: by Kota (new)

Kota This, was her dream:

Fire. Fire was everywhere, and She ran. Running and running, She ran in fear. She heard people shout.....something familiar. Something that was somehow connected to her. A name perhaps. But it was all a blur. She sat down on a log and wept. Fire was everywhere. Then it was dark. A single flame lit the dream. And then.....the flame was blown out.

As quickly as the dream was there, it was gone. It was a simple mirage of her life, and was only a dream.

s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» "You're dirty," she replied. "I'm cleaning you."

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Caryth laughed to herself and melted into the air.

s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» She scrubbed harder at his scales- ((He is a dragon, right?))

message 28: by Lunabell (new)

Lunabell  (lunabell) Clariandra wandered into the woods next to the palace. She almost tripped over a girl. The girl appeared about sixteen, and was scrunching her eyes shut, as if trying to remember something. Clariandra bent down. "Uh, hello?," she said to the girl. ((The girl is She.))

message 29: by Kota (last edited Sep 15, 2008 04:34PM) (new)

Kota (( She says Hi!))
She opened her eyes, wide with fear. Fear of what she had just seen. She relaxed. "Pleased to meet you." She sighed. Trying to figure out who you are is hard.

message 30: by Kota (new)

Kota "Where am I?" she asked, her low, sing-song voice rang through the woods.

message 31: by Kota (new)

Kota (( wanna introduce her to the city?))

s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» ((haha! It's so funny... She! But not in a bad way!))

message 33: by Kota (new)

Kota ((ya....HAHAHA! XD! wanna start! *muffled giggles in background*))

message 35: by Kota (new)

Kota (( do...))

s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» ((Caa's cleaning. She's not even near She.))

message 38: by Kota (new)

Kota ((*sigh* ... wha?))

message 40: by Kota (new)

Kota She stood up and looked for the building. The castle from her dream. It was sooooo.....welcoming. "Like home..." she whispered, not even knowing where her own home was.

message 42: by Kota (new)

Kota ((lalalalalalalalalaaaaaaaaaaa!))

s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» ((I can't do anything, else I would. sry))

message 44: by Lunabell (new)

Lunabell  (lunabell) Clariandra looked at her palace, the one she had brought Her to. Clariandra looked at her questioningly. "Like home? You can take my place. I live there... and it's AWFUL. Proper all day, and night. No time for horse-back riding, or playing with the birds or other animals! You want to be a princess? Take my place GLADLY."

message 45: by Silver (last edited Sep 17, 2008 10:56AM) (new)

Silver Cecilia was walking around in the background, and overheard Clariandra. I'm so lucky... she thought, feeling sorry for her.

message 46: by Kota (new)

Kota She looked at Clariandra, confused. "I don't even know what my name is, let alone where I live! This place just sorta looks familiar..." she sighed, "Like the building from my dream, but it couldn't be, because my castle was in flames."

message 47: by Lunabell (new)

Lunabell  (lunabell) Clariandra cocked her head. "YOUR castle? Are you a princess too?"

message 48: by Kota (new)

Kota "I don't know....It seems like mine. Most likely I was just a serving girl, though..." she sighed.

message 49: by Lunabell (new)

Lunabell  (lunabell) Clariandra blinked. "I thought you lost your memory..."

s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» Caa sighed, figuring Yimp wouldn't ever be cleaner, and flitted around the cave, cleaning and polishing everything, than putting it in it's proper place. "Do you want dinner yet?" she asked Yimp, hovering about in the kitchen.

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