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best harry potter couple?
Xperfumex Xperfumex Jun 09, 2011 02:53AM
ron and hermoiney?
harry and ginny
lupin and tonks

Dumbledore and Grindelwald...no competition...

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I love the romance between Ron and Hermionie!!! There so cute together!!!! So, for me definitley, Ron + Hermionie!

U 25x33
Fonni Sinder I enjoyed the build up, where their always bickering and at some point you get a feeling hermione is into harry and then how suddenly is awkward and t ...more
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deleted member Jul 06, 2011 06:32PM   3 votes

James Potter and Lily Evans.

SNAPE FANS PLEASE DON'T KILL ME! Ok, I am a Snape fan, and I did ship Sev/Lily for a while, and I still think it's cute and totally romantic, but still... James worked so hard for Lily! I mean seriously! And even though they're the main character's dead parents, they manage to be probably the sexiest, funniest, most likable Potterverse couple there is.


I also wanted Luna and Neville to get together and thought they actually would because at the end of the 6th book I think Neville put his arm around her, or something like that, at the funeral. I thought J.K. was putting in a clue that they would hook up by the end of the series. I guess not though. :(

..Draco and Hermione...
... fanfiction really does change your view on some things Oo

Well... I would choose Arthur and Molly... Hope my husband and I would be like them for the rest of our lives... They always support each other... No matter how hard their life was (considering how people treat them... for being blood traitor and everything... and also for loving muggles and being poor...) They stood proud beside each other... I love the way they loved all of their children.. Especially when they accepted Percy back without hesitations... Also how Molly killed Bellatrix to protect Ginny... Love really is powerful. Also how worried Molly was when Arthur was on his way back home (remember when she was watching the clock with a lot of hands which tells the state of a family member...) They brought a loving family... They are a very good couple... If you don't agree with me, I'll respect that.. But they really amaze me..

Ron & Luna.. I think both take each other as weirdo..So they fits best..In my imagination<33

me/snape (lol)



Nevil and Luna all the way!:P

I love Snape carrying a torch for Lily.

Mr & Mrs Wesley--they are so understanding of each other and put up with each other's faults (hardly even acknowledge them). Every married couple should be like this!

Snape and Lily, all the way :) I know they were never meant to be but Snape's love for Lily was real :D

deleted member Oct 09, 2011 02:32PM   1 vote
Snape and Lily!!!

in order?
Luna/Neville( I thought I was the only one that wanted them together! Glad to know I'm not the crazy!)
Dumbledore/McGonagall(don't say you didn't see it)
Dumbledore/Grindewald(J.K. said they did get together)

in order?
Luna/Neville( I thought I was the only one that wanted them together! Glad to know I'm not the crazy!)
Dumbledore/McGonagall(don't say you didn't see it)
Dumbledore/Grindewald(J.K. said D had a crush on him)

deleted member Oct 10, 2011 11:29AM   1 vote
Snape and Lily! Kinda. I felt really ad for Snape when he was teased by James and I didn't ever really like James and Lily.

Ron and Heromine <3

Hermione and Draco :)

Ron and Hermione. That could be a book in it's own right. I mean, they're so different, but yet they so obviously cared about each other for years and never acted on it. And, they're hilarious.

siris and james ?? controversial i know.

I am divided between Ron-Hermione and Arthur-Molly. Ron and Hermione have this crrrazy love-hate relationship while Arthur and Molly are just... perfect!

Harry and Ginny suck.

Besides, i love Tonks and Lupin, Teddy and Victoire, Cedric and Cho!

I always shipped Fred and Hermione! They would have been so perfect together! Since they were so different, I always found Fred to be a little bit flirty with Hermione.
But an actually pair that I love is Molly and Arthur!

I love Ron & Hermione, and I think Molly & Arthur Weasley are a very cute, well-written couple. I really, really, REALLY wish J.K. had made Neville & Luna a couple, but I'll settle for the movies. They're my two favorite characters! Also, am I the only person here who DOESN'T think Lupin & Tonks make a good couple?!

Neville and Luna!!!

george and Angelina duh dont u guys go on the harry potter website and there is like a family treee of who ends up with who

My OTP is Hedwig and Pigwidgeon. I admit that I was also shipping Harry and Hermione until pretty much the last moment when Hermione and Ron kissed (I must have been blind when reading). I entertained the idea of McGonagall and Dumbledore, but didn't think about it much since they were teachers, and that would be weeeeeird.


Luna and Nevil!!
<3 Nevil and Luna were always my fav!!

cedric and cho
ron and hermionie

Apparently, Ron's sensitive concern for Hermione when she got petrified in CoS were his lovey-emotions at work although he was too much of a boy to realize it.
I'm actually surprised that Rowling set it up for them a looong time ago. Like, in the last book, when they try to get under the Whomping Willow, Hermione quotes Ron when he wishes they had Crookshanks to freeze the tree again, "Are you a wizard or what?!" Because that's the line Ron used to encourage her when she saved his life with the Devil's Snare in the first book.

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but i also like Lupin and Tonks

I like the following in no particular order:

Dumbledore and Mcgongall

Harry and ginny

Ron and hermione

Tonks and lupin

James and lilly

Nevilles parents

Dobby with that one kinda crazy girl in the kitchens, he worked with her, whats her name?

Cedric and cho

And i could go on forever :P........


Tonks and Lupin! Deff! x

Lupin and Tonks! So many tears when they died

Am I the only one on the planet who was disappointed when Cho Chang went totally ditzy after she and Harry finally kissed and their relationship went kaput? I was still so disappointed over that development that I never could really get behind Harry and Ginny the way everyone else seems to.

Aami-wa (last edited Sep 05, 2011 06:05PM ) Sep 05, 2011 06:04PM   0 votes
Ron Hermione

Olympe Hagrid

Dumbledore McGonagall

Luna Neville

Harry Ginny

Malfoy Pansy

Teddy Victoria

and many many more :)

Victoire Weasley and Teddy Lupin. Even though you don't really meet them I know, but it's just really cute.

I like Ron and Hermione's relationship, but Maggie and Arthur's is also one of my favorites. Who doesn't like the idea of parents still being in love?

I love Snape and Lily :3
But I also like James and Lily?
Hermione and Ron are the cutest.

And of course Dumbledore and Grindlewald!
Come one, gay couples are adorable!

Snape and ME!! HAHAHAHA.

I like Krum and Hermoine. :)

Lupin and Tonks. It always made me a bit sad that their relationship was largely cut from the films, though I understand why.

It'll always be Ron & Hermione for me. I could see even from the very first book that they would get together one day. They're a great balance for one another and provide some great comic moments in the books. The classic case of you insult/take the p*** out of the one you like!


Ron and Hermione!!!

Canon: James/Lily and Grindledore

Fanon: Remus/Sirius and Drarry


seriously!! i love both of them when they taunt each other at the Battle at the Ministry. they look so cute!!


deleted member Jul 10, 2011 09:44AM   0 votes
Neville/luna... if that evr existed :)

Sirius/Remus forever <3

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