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Thera's suggestion for an Rp! In my opinion it sounds awesome. :)

Several generations ago, a cruise ship wrecked on an unknown island. A river runs through it, and on one side of the river is a mountain that has some kind of power source, like an abandoned nuclear reactor. It has caused all the island's animals to grow to gargantuan size, and gargantuan ferocity. The wreckees (I dunno!) have had to learn to survive on the far side of the river, where the monsters do not come. There are almost no guns, so they have learned to use blades like swords. I have rpd this in real life, and it's rather fun. Also, the montster's only weakness is the juice of a berry that grows on their side of the island. The only two that can acess it with out permission are the island's senior fighters, Amber and Nathe.

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