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Thom Swennes The unfathomable space and weather became slightly depressing after awhile. I wasn’t really wild about the ending but I guess not all stories have a happily ever after ending.

message 2: by William (last edited Jul 01, 2011 08:16PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

William White Saved By Grace wrote: "I liked his Sacketts series better, but you're right, this was a pretty good book."

I also like the Sackett series. This is one reason that I found this book to be interesting. It was a side trip from the western genre. He still deals with western threads. The central character was descended from American Indians. It was centered in the out of doors. I place Louis side by side with Zane Grey in the genre of western writers. Both were very good. Thom states that he grew depressed with the vast space that the central character had to deal with. I was impressed with the space because I thought about how we can travel great distances easily with modern technology. If one travels twenty-four hours in a car at 50 miles per hour the distance would be 1200 miles or and aircraft going 650 mile per hour would be 156000 miles. The central character had to travel about two miles per hour. It took a vast number of resources for him to keep this pace. I sometimes think that we take our transportation systems for granted. I think it is good to look at older and slower systems to understand what we could lose if those systems were not there. The ending was not what I expected. I had thought that the central character would just escape the domain of the Soviets and return to America. It was not what I expected, but I was impressed enough with it to borrow some of the central characters traits for my book Retribution's Price. I gave some of those to Jessie Martian. I also gave my book an ending that is not expected. A friend of mine who read the book did not like the ending, but in western literature many stories end with a successful and happy ending. I enjoy these stories but, after reading many of these it becomes rather worn. I remember the book Battle Cry, (by Leon Uris I think). It had a very sad ending from my point of view, but it was very realistic. The thing I took from that book was that at times in life we don't achieve the ends we intend. Also it allowed me to enjoy Alistair Maclean's "Ice Station Zebra" more than I would have otherwise.

William White Thom wrote: "The unfathomable space and weather became slightly depressing after awhile. I wasn’t really wild about the ending but I guess not all stories have a happily ever after ending."

I enjoyed the man versus the elements of this aspect of the book. I have read some of Ernest Hemingway's work, I have though about what Ernest would have done with the same story.

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Jay Scott probably my least favorite book of his. I love the sackett series and probably was trying to compare it to them unintentionally.

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Kaj Samuelsson Nothing beats the Sacketts stories, but this one is close. Like the Sacketts, it is worth reading again. I have read it in English, Swedish and Danish and I enjoyed it a lot every time.

William Adams Haven't read much Louis L'Amour, but this is one of my favourite books. Agree the human scale against the elements is very well done. It's one of the books which I wish I'd read when I was younger so that it could have been more of an influence.

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C.T. Raye Great book but the ending leaves you hanging. I guess Louis Lamour never got around to part 2 before he passed.

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C.T. Raye Try Powder River by Jerry Robbins it’s an audio drama but they are very good.

Stan Definitely some great writing here. And, insightful into the ways of wilderness survival. The aspects of tracking and not leaving a trail to be followed were most interesting. As for the complete story, I felt it got repetitive and didn't tie up loose ends. Was a sequel in the plans? I hope so! I wish it had been written, because the story had so much potential.

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