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Different names for characters?

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Marcy Does anyone know why in the book the Indian characters are named "Little Bear" and "Bright Stars," yet in the audiobook, narrated by the author, they are named "Little Bull" and "Twin Stars"?

Scott Hayden no idea. copyright issues? Does the reader have issues pronouncing the letter R?

Anna The author read it herself...I am not really sure. That's a great question, I just wish I could give a great answer.

Sarah I wondered if it had to do with two versions for two markets--UK and American, which were then collapsed into one version? Just guessing.

Alsjem I think you are right Sarah. Little Bull was the original name but changed to Little Bear when it was published in US. Have no idea why Little Bear is more American though???

By the way - I love this story!

Sarah Hear you-- we have plenty of bull in America!

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D Cox The version I have just read said Little Bull and Twin stars.
In the back there was a section about how Reid Banks knew very little about indians and learned as she wrote more of the series. Perhaps they were changed asa cultural courtesy?
It's like Harry potter we had Philosopher's stone and yours was sorcerer's Perhaps it's for effect?

Audra Roseland I wonder if it had something to do with the tribes in America...because Little Bear was a common name for Native Americans because the Bears were sacred animals...not so much bulls. But you've got me on the other one. I was thinking maybe something along the lines of recognition.

Demetria I know this conversation is 4 years old, but I just listened to the audiobook myself and was bothered by the name Little Bull because Bulls are not only the cattle brought to America by the Spaniards, but also a symbol of Spain, the conquerors.

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Jamie Flower Sitting Bull anyone?

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