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Yes, I'm still reading this.

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Normally, I'd spin through a book of this sort in no time, digesting the mere handful of genuinely helpful points that seem to characterize such fare in quick gulps, and, bored, moving on to something else. But this book is different. I picked it up because it purported to talk about the theme of my current novel--an epic hero's journey--and because it went on to say it would relate that journey to a real writer's life. Well, as it turns out, it does all of that. So I've been taking my time with it, absorbing Vogler's ideas and applying them to my current work. It's helped me to flesh out the complex storyline I have running, and to constrain the multitude of ideas I have into a coherent presentation that (I hope) actually makes sense.

Bottom line is, I highly recommend this book to any writer who wants to grip the reader by the archetypal heart. Vogler really knows what he's talking about, and his ideas are definitely worth considering.

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Ann Gimpel I really got a lot out of this book. Once read, I saw all sorts of patterns in my own fiction and it became much easier to put my finger on what was missing in a story. I still refer to it frequently.

John De Marco It took me a while to read, but what a beautiful writing style. I'm always impressed by the prolific output of authors who lived and worked long before the era of word processes and laptops.

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JB Lynn I am also taking my time with this book, for precisely the reasons you stated. It's not a difficult read, but if you just rush through it to read it for the sake of reading, then I think you'll miss a lot of the bigger points being made. I'm SO grateful I picked this book up (for $1 at the Goodwill!) and want to add my voice to the others recommending this for any writer.

Madeleine D'Este This has become more of a reference guide for me. Like Ann, I dip in and out when doing my own scribblin'.

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