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have you heard anything new about miley?????

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WITh 'See you again. (remix)' help me!!

♥BELLA♥ vidaurri (kougar789) | 8 comments noooooo.......
but i only like her shows and not her or her music and they made a new one that oliver is dating a girl that lilly and miley hate!!!!!!!

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yea i have seen the thing on tv

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other than her dating nick?????? nope

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she's not dating nick any more. He's dating selena

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i thought that was just a rumor both salena and nick said so

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last i new they were........ my friends don't keep me updated any more

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i heard that selina and nick arnt dating! people say that Miley broke them up. she was too jealous!and to top that off Miley is dating a 20 year old!

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Kaytrina Miley loves Nick and was back together with him for the Summer,I think.
Nick likes/liked her,too.Nobody can SUFFER from dating Miley!I sure wish I was in Nick's place now.:)

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God, will you get the hell out of these Miley Haters groups? it's STUPID.

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that someone that loves miley cyrus is in the miley cyrus hater groups god that is sooooooo fuken dumb

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I <3 Nick!!!! hes cute i want to be in mileys place so i could be datin that hunk!

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boo you.

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