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message 1: by Ross (new)

Ross Brighton (rossbrighton) | 3 comments Hi all, i found this essay on Action Yes!, and read and enjoyed it, it was probably the catalyst for my soining of this group. It's entitled "Wittgenstein, Deleuze, and the Political Grotesque". the link is:

enjoy (hopefuly)

message 2: by Lanny (new)

Lanny | 13 comments Mod

the essay has many merits, one of which is connecting deleuze and the grotesque. one of its dismerits is furthering the use of the term grotesque to connote luridly graphical or hyper-realistic gore. It can work that way provided
I think that an author somehow arrive at that
via its proper route through art, ie say somethink like "The Domus Aurea was in fact a tomb, and the original styles that came out of that tomb were tantamount to mummified presences," or somesuch. But that particular reading of the term is due to a poor drift within the popular parlance which I am not really "for," because it does the discourse no good without knowing that. The Japanese I think are pretty nifty for shortening the word to "Guro" as in their Genre Ero-Guro or Erotic Grotesque.
This essay seems to come out of what I would call

Euro-Guro or the
or Philo-Whoros

Grotesque European Philosophy Whores.

Which is fine. I think this really does alot
to connect a group of poets and thoughts to the grotesque, but the grotesque itself is waiting to be connected to combinatorics.. and semiotics
already encompasses the message inside the grotesque. The Via Negativa or Negative Theology of the Areopagite is the same as idea in different form as the body without organs which is more or less that people experience their world not as some anomaly happening in their own poorly understood organs which carry the only affect
possible, but go on experiencing everything as if
there were no organs responsible for what they are seeing and no organs being effected by them seeing it. All the blood and guts in the newspapers had to be c*ck and c*nt first.. War gets here, everything human gets here firtst from f*cking.
The whole lot of it, the voice of god is the voice
of f*cking.

message 3: by Lanny (new)

Lanny | 13 comments Mod

The Domus Aurea not being originally a tomb,
but in effect a tomb "for the art" that came out of it (in the 16th Century)..

message 4: by Lanny (new)

Lanny | 13 comments Mod

In fact, can you see how close the word

chemistry could be to


a "chemistry of names"

or "chimystery"

as in la mystere du chimere
or somesuch//

semiotics should easily interface with biochemistry
and does to a certain extent with biosemiotics,

but as such what we are really wanting is a descriptor robust enough to counter what Elsasser called life's status as transcomputational..

We can't predict or replicate even some of the most simplest things about life, and with an organism as complicated as a human language becomes almost like a yoke, it works to make
the world alot more predictable even if they preach to you the opposite.

look deeper into Shemistry and you'll see


or maybe shamanism



Mind moods be a mirror to thee
s'doom d'name

message 5: by Ross (new)

Ross Brighton (rossbrighton) | 3 comments Hmm. yes. Lara Glenum's work is 'fun', but somewhat restrained, performative... it's a show. Ariana Reines, on the other hand, v. artaud.

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