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Jenny (Reading Envy) (readingenvy) | 2208 comments Having read all three books in the trilogy before, I was somewhat startled to discover where book 1 ends. (view spoiler)

Anne Schüßler (anneschuessler) | 707 comments I really need to start with the second book. Another reason to get done with Storm of Swords.

Nick (Whyzen) | 1291 comments Hehe, I decided to go ahead and finish the trilogy before getting back to the Game Of Thrones series. I figure if the other two books are as quick of a read as the first one then it shouldn't take me more than a week to finish the trilogy.

Siobhan | 3 comments I'm lucky I had access to all three books to start -- I finished #1, went straight through #2 and am now on #3. Good thing they're short!

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Veronica Belmont (veronicabelmont) | 1440 comments Mod
I'm also now on Book 2, and was surprised how suddenly Book 1 ended! I went and downloaded Book 2 right away!

terpkristin | 3521 comments I read these last year. I remember being really irritated by the 2nd book, Catching Fire, not being available on Kindle until awhile after the hardcover had been released. I think the hardcover came out in Sept 2009 and the Kindle version didn't come out until June 2010. I definitely remember the same feeling, like I needed to get right into the 2nd book.

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Seth Heringer | 4 comments I am curious to see if you all are satisfied with the ending of the whole trilogy. After discussing the first book, I would like to participate in a discussion on whether the end of the trilogy is satisfying. I found it lacking in many ways, somewhat surprising because I thought the storytelling was superb all the way until the last 100 pages.

Jenny (Reading Envy) (readingenvy) | 2208 comments Start that as a thread!

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Eric (foxinsox) | 3 comments I'm torn. I read the first book recently and really enjoyed it. At the same time, having previously read The Long Walk and Battle Royale, I didn't feel a strong desire to finish the series (due mainly to an unshakable sense of familiarity).

My question for anyone who's read the rest of the series: Does she expand her themes and tropes in books 2 & 3 enough that they aren't another exploration of a dystopian society and the violent contests it forces children to play?

I've been meaning to read the sequels for a while now, but keep choosing other books instead due to this nagging question.


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Seth Heringer | 4 comments I haven't read those (just ordered them from the library), so I can't say how similar they are.

As for being similar to the rest of the series - yes, there is a repetition of the themes, but there is also development. What started out as a small act of rebellion (?) grows into much more and Collins runs with that. The next two novels develop the country more as a whole, letting you see more of the different districts. But, without giving too much away, the same theme is strong in the 2nd book, but still done well. I found the third book to be somewhat disappointing, not because it repeated itself, but because it lost its pacing and fizzled out in the end. But, I will save that for another thread.

In short, I would recommend reading the final two, especially the 2nd. Some seem to love the third, but I just didn't care for how many of the characters were wrapped up.

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