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message 1: by bup (new)

bup | 84 comments The story is a young teen witnesses the murder of her twin sisters, the man who killed them is schizophrenic, her parents forgive him. She ends up caring for his child and in the end rescuing him from his own suicide attempt.

Any ideas?

message 2: by Joanie (new)

Joanie | 66 comments It sounds like Cage of Stars by Jacqulyn Mitchard. I don't know if the girls were twins but they were killed while they were all playing hid and seek. I got to go to a book club on this book with the author. A girl I knew won a contest to have her come-it was pretty cool. Sad book though.

message 3: by bup (new)

bup | 84 comments That's it - thank you!

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