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message 1: by Santina (new)

Santina (littlesaintina) | 292 comments Mod
This stuff probably could go under bitchfest, but since it's the sort of stuff I usually laugh about later I thought, it deserved it's own topic.

What are some things that happen to you, and make you think...of all the days, or of course this would happen or Murphey's Law.

Generally when these stories are told, they end up sounding pretty funny.

message 2: by Santina (new)

Santina (littlesaintina) | 292 comments Mod
Ok so I have one.

I got up late of course it was the only day I didn't make my Daughter's lunch the night before. So I rush to make lunch, salsa, guacamole, cheese, of damn chips. I said no problem; we'll stop at the store on the way and get a snack size bag of chips.

As we're rushing out the door...Mama, what are we having for breakfast? Can you believe it; I forgot to feed my kid breakfast. Ok I said anything you want. So we stop at the bakery and get a croissant. Yum, run to Safeway next door, no small bags of chips.

No problem, we'll stop at the corner store near the school, and we'll grab you a drink of milk too. IT’S CLOSED.

Drive to the next nearest store, by now she's late for class. That store has no chips and no milk smaller than 1 liter.

AH GOD IN HEAVEN, I say, CAN YOU HELP OUT A LITTLE? I drive to the next nearest store, no damn chips…I give up, I buy the family size bag, dig in my lunch, take my muffin out of the ziplock bag I have it in and pour some chips in there.

Finally 15 minutes late she’s at school at I’m at work by 10am.

The moral of the story is…. DON’T EVER HIT SNOOZE.

message 3: by Shea (new)

Shea | 346 comments Yesterday: Dressed the boys in T-shirts (Wednesday is wear your soccer shirt to school day) and shorts. I left the house and had to call my husband to tell him to dress the boys in something was only 44 degrees Farenheit (sorry can't convert to celcius in my head for the Candadians).
Today: Picture day at school. Picked out nice long sleeved shirts for pictures to be paired with jeans (you can't see their legs in school pictures anyway). Boys are all dressed when husband checks the weather on line. Almost 60 degrees this morning already with a high of 80. Have boys change from jeans to shorts, they just have to deal with the long sleeves.
Moral of the Story: Never assume that the weather yesterday will be ANYTHING like the weather today when you live in Michigan and check Weather Underground before dressing the children.

message 4: by Santina (new)

Santina (littlesaintina) | 292 comments Mod
LOL...That is so true.

message 5: by Kathleen (new)

Kathleen (momof4boys) | 30 comments Yep! Second that! On a similar vein there have been times when we'd go back to Illinois to visit my mom and she'd say it's sandal weather only to be greeted by snowdrifts or she'd say bring the woolies and it'll be summer weather all through our stay.

Moral of the story: The internet, the weather channel are there for a reason. Use 'em!

message 6: by Shea (new)

Shea | 346 comments As I have mentioned before I have a hard time finding clothes that fit well (5' foot tall and curvy). I found these pants that fit GREAT, look GREAT, feel GREAT and were on clearance. I happily snatched them right up. Now as it turns out they are a funky color. You think they are brown, but wait, they seem green, no wait, they are brown. Anyway, I didn't have anything that matches them so I had to go back and buy a shirt to wear with them. I found a burnt orange one and it looks great with the mystery color pants.

The moral of the story is: If you are buying clearance pants splurge and buy a matching shirt at the same time. It will save you gas money!

message 7: by Santina (new)

Santina (littlesaintina) | 292 comments Mod
LOL...I'm glad you found some pants Shea, and that is a lesson I wish I could learn, but I seem to make that mistake over and over again.

message 8: by Shea (new)

Shea | 346 comments Never, never, say how much you are going to enjoy being able to go straight home after work (instead of to soccer practice or PTO, etc.) Don't say that you are looking forward to eating dinner with your family and maybe getting some things done around the house. It is a sure way to get stuck at work 1.5+ hours after you were supposed to leave. This is not an internet tale. It happened to me yesterday. BEWARE!

message 9: by Santina (new)

Santina (littlesaintina) | 292 comments Mod
Sorry you got stuck at work late. I hope you get a relaxing end of day soon.

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