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message 1: by Alice (new)

Alice (; (twilightaddict) | 637 comments Mod
at home i Luv 2 wear my pj bottoms and a t-shirt w/ slippers.
at school and anywhere else, i have to llok my best, even if it's at the grocery store. I like to wear a nice fitting shirt with jeans in between baggy and tight, a little jewlery, I ALWAYS HAVE TO BE WEARING MAKE UP NO MATTER WHAT. even at home i have to wear make up. my fav shoes to wear are converse, sk8r, flip flops, and slippers.

message 2: by Ann (new)

Ann The only thing I wear now is like jeans anmd random t shirts

message 3: by Alice (new)

Alice (; (twilightaddict) | 637 comments Mod
question: who do u curl ur hair w/ a straightener? arent that wat curling irons r 4?

message 4: by Alice (new)

Alice (; (twilightaddict) | 637 comments Mod
o i c, i do that all the time w/o realizing it. :)

message 5: by Alice (new)

Alice (; (twilightaddict) | 637 comments Mod
ya, i no

message 6: by Alice (new)

Alice (; (twilightaddict) | 637 comments Mod
i usually wear to school really skinny jeans w/ sk8r shoes with a fun t-shirt and a long tank under that. and a thick layer of eyeliner and mascarra.

message 7: by Alice (new)

Alice (; (twilightaddict) | 637 comments Mod
i wear soo much make up man, i have to wash my face every nite so it doesnt cauz zits (even though i have them anyway)
do u no any cures for pimples?

message 8: by Kota (new)

Kota Ooo! Right before you go to sleep, get some soap that is mildy wet, but not reallly and scrape off a little piece with your finger nail then rub it on the pimple and let it stay there. In the morning, it should have shrunk. This works because thes oap dries it out overnight.

message 9: by Alice (new)

Alice (; (twilightaddict) | 637 comments Mod
i use this cleanser everyday, i use moisterizer, i clean it everyday (unless i forget), i even tried putting toothpaste on, i have to put on foundation to hide it.
although peeps say i dont have any acne, but i do! my doc says i have beautiful skin. i guess its just weird obsession w/ trying to be perfect.

message 10: by Alice (new)

Alice (; (twilightaddict) | 637 comments Mod
ya but i just hate it when like ur talking to sumone and they glance away from ur eyes to look at ur acne and, idk, but i drives me crazy. i just want to get rid of acne for many more reasons.

message 11: by Alice (new)

Alice (; (twilightaddict) | 637 comments Mod
haha my friends wont believe me if i said that

message 12: by Alice (new)

Alice (; (twilightaddict) | 637 comments Mod
but we really dont care how we look cuz we're friends. i care how other peeps look at me especially da guys

message 13: by Alice (new)

Alice (; (twilightaddict) | 637 comments Mod
ya me 2 bye!

message 14: by Alice (new)

Alice (; (twilightaddict) | 637 comments Mod
ya, lucky

message 15: by Alice (new)

Alice (; (twilightaddict) | 637 comments Mod
how old r u abby?

 ☠☼Serena☼☠ | 62 comments Mod
wht do u use abby??
i have pretty clean skin tho :P
i like wearing skinny jeans, black, sk8 shoes, ballet flats, moderately tight shirts cuz baggy looks all. um. not good on me? :P oh. and i wear all these shirts that say stuff like 'do i look bothered?' to soccer practice cuz i goalie.. and that is one dirty job :P

message 17: by Homegurl (new)

Homegurl | 1 comments i love wearing dark wash skinny jeans with ballerina flats. i also love wearing dkny jeans my mom got them for me

message 18: by Alice (new)

Alice (; (twilightaddict) | 637 comments Mod

message 19: by Court (new)

Court hmm... i wear mostly dark-black skinny jeans. And Aeropostel T-shirts. My converse or my almost-sk8r shoes or on really warm days I wear my black/white flip-flops. i don't like tight-shirts. But I don't like baggy ones either. So I guess you'd call them loose shirts?
you ppl who don't get zits r soo lucky. I have to wash my face twice a day. And I still end up wif blckheds on my nose...

message 20: by Alice (new)

Alice (; (twilightaddict) | 637 comments Mod
that sux. i get white heads, so i pop 'em (even though im not suppose to), put some foundation on them to make the redness go away and it looks like i have no pimples. but sumtimes they get so big and red that i cant hide them and it really sux.

message 21: by Alice (new)

Alice (; (twilightaddict) | 637 comments Mod
i have really short hair so i cant really take care of the ones on my nose and chin, the ones on my forehead, i forget they're even there.

 ☠☼Serena☼☠ | 62 comments Mod
i get blackheads on mi nose... uuggghhhh...
and eah. i shower every day, and wash mi face a lot.. darn!

 ☠☼Serena☼☠ | 62 comments Mod
i luv mi skin!
the color is awesomelicious.. and i didnt even try for a tan or anything! just happened. :P

 ☠☼Serena☼☠ | 62 comments Mod
same here!!!!

 ☠☼Serena☼☠ | 62 comments Mod
:D :D :D

message 26: by Alice (new)

Alice (; (twilightaddict) | 637 comments Mod
i tan on my arms and face and no where else, the rest of my body is pale white.everytime i try to tan it, i just get sunburned; i guess that's wat u'd call the redhead curse. it really sux, but i could pass for a vampire im so pale :D

message 27: by Court (new)

Court i tan ony my arms, and very lightly on my legs. my face gets sunburnt a lot. one time i even got burnt on my eyelids. rite now though, and mostly in fall, winter,spring, i'm relle pale 2, just not ghostly/vampire pale.(but on my arms i'm always tan, i love florida :)

message 28: by Alice (new)

Alice (; (twilightaddict) | 637 comments Mod
lucky, im in Utah (and u would think i would be tan cuz its a dessert out here) and the only thing tan r my arms and face. its rediculous! my legs r the most white skin i have ever seen. in gym we have to wear these shorts so my legs r showing and i had soooooo many ppl coment on my white legs, its embarassing almost. especially @ da pool.

message 29: by Court (new)

Court my legz look really pale in the lighting that my gym has but it does that 2 evry1z legs so i don't get any comments about it.

message 30: by Alice (new)

Alice (; (twilightaddict) | 637 comments Mod
pale vampire ppl rock! (thats us)

message 31: by Alice (new)

Alice (; (twilightaddict) | 637 comments Mod
i have 2 wear pants or else my legs will blind u their that white (ok, maybe not exactly blinding but, u get the pic)

message 32: by Court (new)

Court lol my friend says i wear jeans too much.

message 33: by Court (new)

Court that's what i said.

message 34: by Alice (new)

Alice (; (twilightaddict) | 637 comments Mod
i wear all sorts of stuff. i try not 2 wear the same thing over and over and over and over, unless they're my jeans!

 ☠☼Serena☼☠ | 62 comments Mod
yeah.. lol!!!

message 36: by Alice (new)

Alice (; (twilightaddict) | 637 comments Mod
ya, me 2. i have tons and tons of jeans., but all the sudden jeans shopping got really depressing. i dont like jean shopping as much anymore.

message 37: by Alice (new)

Alice (; (twilightaddict) | 637 comments Mod

 ☠☼Serena☼☠ | 62 comments Mod

message 39: by Alice (new)

Alice (; (twilightaddict) | 637 comments Mod
isnt it depressing 4 u? i cant like find any clothes thats my style anymore

message 40: by Court (new)

Court Me neither. most stores have shirts that have the brand marked really big on the shirt and thats soo annoying to me bc i dont wanna be "a walking advertisement" so I buy the shirts that have the brand listed relle tiny on the front or some similar design.

message 41: by Alice (new)

Alice (; (twilightaddict) | 637 comments Mod
i hate companies like that! like Old Navy has their logo on every little thing they seel and i hate wearing their logo everywhere i go so its been years since i bought anythng from there. although i dont mind aeropostale's logos on my clothes, i culd deal with that

message 42: by Alice (new)

Alice (; (twilightaddict) | 637 comments Mod
ya, i dont like old navy

message 43: by Court (new)

Court i don't even remember the last time I went there..

message 44: by Alice (new)

Alice (; (twilightaddict) | 637 comments Mod
i no me 2, i think i was.... 9 since i last been there?

message 45: by Alice (new)

Alice (; (twilightaddict) | 637 comments Mod
ya, me 2

message 46: by [deleted user] (last edited Oct 18, 2008 07:30AM) (new)

well i can't wear anything i want to school because i have a uniform. but i wear jeans and a t-shirt usually with my vans or something. and earlier you were talking about skin well my dad is super dark but my mom is super pale and i have tan skin and i never really burn but my brother has a different skin color than me he is more pale he burns easily.

message 47: by Alice (new)

Alice (; (twilightaddict) | 637 comments Mod
that sux u have 2 wear a uniform!

message 48: by Alice (new)

Alice (; (twilightaddict) | 637 comments Mod

message 49: by Alice (new)

Alice (; (twilightaddict) | 637 comments Mod
that really sux! DO U GO 2 A PRIVATE SKOOL OR SUMTHIN? sorry, my caps were on hehe...

message 50: by ♥ Sarah ♥ (new)

♥ Sarah ♥  (sarah_aka-me) | 6 comments I luv jeans, pink, white or blue tee shirts and converse. I tan like really, really easily.

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