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Which is Laura Lippman's best book?

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Karyn "What the Dead Know" was the first Laura Lippman book I've read, and I loved it. I'm thinking I should read the Tess Monaghan novels now. Are there some in the series that are better than others? Which do you think is the best?

Kyra I just finished Every Secret Thing and I really really liked it. I like all Ms Lippman's books, but Tess & Crow get a little too much action in their lives, no ?

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Amanda I like all the Tess Monaghan books, but Baltimore Blues and Charm City stand out for me. Also the one where Tess goes to Texas - In Big Trouble - that's good.

While reading the Tess books in order is not strictly necessary, it will help you keep things straight in your mind. Otherwise - she has a dog, no she doesn't, she has a boyfriend, no she doesn't, does her aunt date that guy or not, where does she live, I thought that guy got killed, WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE?

Karyn Ha ha -- thanks for the keeping-things-in-order advice, Amanda, and thanks both Kyra and Amanda for your recs!

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Toni I started with the last Tess Monaghan book, The Girl inthe Green Raincoat. LOVED IT!

I loved this charactor and wanted to dive in. I have managed to get most of the T.M. book and have them in chronological order next to my bed. I will start Charm City(listened to Baltimore Blues on audiobooks) when i have all of them, meanwhile, I will check out her other stories.

I just finished What the Dead Know and i liked the book, wish i could say love, but now i am on to Every Secret thing.

Becky ALL her books are good. Hardly Knew Her is a great book of short stories, Every Secret Thing, What The Dead Know, I'd Know You Anywhere, ALL fantastic !!!!

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What The Dead know is her best book, BUT Every secret Thing is a very close second.

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Vlm The Last Place was my first Lippman so it remains my favorite but To The Power Of Three is a close second. She is one of my go to authors.

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Ann I loved the entire Tess Monaghan books. This one is good as well as the Power of Three. She is definitely a very talented writer who can grab you and not let go until the story is finished.

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What The Dead Know.Laura Lippman is a very Special writer.

Elizabeth Since I am from Baltimore and am familiar with the settings, I am very partial to the Tess Monaghan books.

Wyldchild I have just finishe two of Ms Lippmans novels What the Dead Know and After I'm Gone. She has drawn me into her story telling and now I am reading To the Power of Three and can't wait

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Rose Love what the dead know is only the second book I have read from her, She is amazing. Looking forward to reading more.

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