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((have fun))

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Moonshine jumped onto the table, and looked around outdoors, there was something that didn't seem right out there; and he was going to find out what.

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sparklingstar looked out from the egde of the woods

((your cat can either be a kitty-pet or warrior))

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((kitty pet. are you a warrior?))

Moonshine's eyes shot to the forest, where he thought he saw someone.

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sparklingstar pressed her stomach to the ground. The rest of her patrol did the same. he ordered two warriors to watch it as she led the rest to finish hunting

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shadowing was one of the ones asked to stay. his tail twiched as he watched the kittypet

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Moonshine's hair(fur) raised when he realized what was in the forest, he hissed and rose to his feet. His owner came to the window also, "What are you looking at?" The little girl picked him up, Let me down! Moonshine was pulled away from the window against his will.

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when shadowing saw that the cat was gone he led the otehr to warriors back to camp

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Moonshine escaped out the back door, and crept low to the ground, almost hidden in the grass; moving to the forest.

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