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((post your charrie's here. you can have some warewolves but not alot plz))

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apperance: wears all black and jeans
personality:really nice and fun
extra: she was born a vamp and when she turned 15 she was stuck at that age

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♥ Sarah ♥  (sarah_aka-me) | 8 comments Mod
name: Carlie (Carly)
Age: appears 18
year bitten: 1904
appearance: wears jeans mostly, curly brown hair, topaz eyes
personality: nice, sometimes mean
extra: reads minds and dissapears

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shugo chara lover (animegirl) | 6 comments name: utau
Age: appears 17
year bitten: 1903
appearance:wears her school uniform mostly but when not in the mood to a t-shirt n sweet pants.
personality: nice, sometimes mean
extra: most powers she has is whatever she wants. shes also a singer, student, is air to the throne in England. & a dancer


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Name: Josette du Coudray
Age: (h) 16 (v) 96
Year Bitten: 1913
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Personality: easy going but afraid of people because of her past.
Extra: when human her friend had admitted he was a vampire after she was attacked by a vamp. hunter sent on killing him; and Nick had to save her... soon after he was killed.

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