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Lucas and Nicole live in a mansion near the forest, its a huge grey stoned building. It has a lot of rooms, they live with their parents and little brother.All the rooms are modern and well furnished.

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Nicole ran into the door first, she hugged her brother and said goodnight.She went in the lift to her room at the top.She always wondered how many rooms there where, but there was too many to count.She ran to her bedroom on the right and sat at her desk, she got changed and crawled into bed and fell asleep.

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Lucas took the stairs to his room it was on the 2nd floor, he ran down the corridor and went inside.He then climbed out the window, down the drainpipe, he ran into the forest and sat beneath a tree, he took a book and flashlight out of his back pack and began to read.

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Nicole grabbed her keys and cell, she walked out of her room and ran down a few flights of stairs and knocked on Lucas's door."Luke?" she called, the door opened and Nicole peered in.She saw the open window and sighed, he was gone already.She ran down some more flights of stairs.She ran out the door and opened the gates.She closed them and walked off.She was dressed in a blue strapped dress, black leggings and blue flip flops,her hair in a black hairband with a blue bow on it.She blew her long bang out of her face.

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