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Here you make you application for you faerie/fairie character and wait for it to be approved:

Age in Faerie/fairie years:
Age in mortal years:

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Name:Trinity Jalon
Age in Faerie years:124
Age in mortal years:17
Appearence:Long blond hair and grey eyes,delicate coloured skin, she has a perfect figure and is the siz of a doll like other faeries.
Personality:Can be mean though is mostly nice, she has a bit of a temper and is a bit spoilt, she is charming and flirty.
Powers:Can control the elements and shapeshift, she mostly shapeshifts into a human.
Crush/realationship:None yet.

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Accepted Happy RPing!

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Accepted Happy RPing!

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Fionna Billings
ghostly green eyes, short brown choppy hair (below ear lob) short, stick thin
forest faerie (control plants)
Falling in love with James

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Accepted Happy RPing!

s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» Name: Yanamai (Mai for short)
Gender: female
Age in Faerie/fairie years: 78
Age in mortal years: ageless youth
Appearence: waist length black hair, silver eyes, pale skin
Personality: shy
Powers: the elements of nature, most strongly weather
Crush/realationship: none so far
Other: not really anything

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Angel♥ (angellover512) | 2 comments Name: Zoe

Gender: female

Age: 1,2 years? really young and small.

Appearance: super small, wavy amethyst hair, eyes that match

Personality: Mischievous, fun, likable, talkative, clever, happy, energetic.

Powers: Physic, with the ability to make things float, to read minds, healing, and whatever else I can think of.

Crush/relationship: none(duh! too young!)

Other: She always flits around everywhere.

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Accepted Happy RPing!

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Age Faerie/Fairie years:42
Age in mortal years:6


Personality:Bubbly, elastic, etc
Other:Is Alyxander's sister

Age Faeirie Fairie years:354
Age in mortal years:17
Crush/Relationship:None (yet)
Other:Charmian's brother

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Silver Name: Delilah
Gender: Female
Age in Faerie/fairie years: 108
Age in mortal years: 13
Appearence: Long black hair, black wings,violet eyes, violet dress
Personality: mysterious, but if you get to know her she's friendly
Powers: controlls the wind/stormsj
Crush/realationship: not yet
Other: n/a

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All accepted Happy RPing!! And Grayce the person is called Meghan! me!!!!

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~Name: Kiona
~Gender: Female
~Age in Faerie/fairy years: 18
~Age in mortal years: 18
~Appearence: Waist length brown curly (like chloe's) hair, blue and green marble eyes (you know what i mean by marble, kinda swirled) fair skin
~Personality: very outgoing, nice, giggly, giving
~Powers: earth/plants
~Crush/realationship: none yet, but when the right guy comes around...
~Other: she likes flowers a lot(duh, one of her powers in plants!) and wears a lot of blue and green.
So, are they supposed to look like humans also?

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Accepted Happy RPing! Yes but there small, the size of a doll, though my charcter can change into a human.

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Accepted Happy RPing"

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Fiona Name: Lanelle
Gender: F
Age in Faerie/fairy years: 120
Age in mortal years: 12
Appearance: Black hair, green eyes
Personality: Adventurous, a little tomboyish
Powers: Fire/ fire related
Crush/relationship: Owen
Other: "I hate when people make me mad. Of course, it doesn't happen much. If they do, I burn their sorry behinds off."

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Fiona Name: Owen
Gender: M
Age in Faerie/fairy years: 130
Age in mortal years: 13
Appearance: Blond hair, brown eyes
Personality: Athletic, independent
Powers: Light/Light related
Crush/relationship: Childhood friend, Lanelle.
Other: Absolutely no idea Lanelle has a crush on him.

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Fiona Thanks!

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Age in Faerie/fairie years:14
Age in mortal years:14
Appearence: Fire Fairy Pictures, Images and Photos
Personality:Short tempered,outgoing,and loves to fight
Powers:Can control fire and lava
Other:Eyes glow red when mad which is very often and when she uses powers

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