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Canadian Short Stories

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message 1: by A.J. (new)

A.J. Here's an article by Paul Wells in Maclean's on the loudest controversy in Canadian books since ... well, probably since Heather Reisman bought Chapters.

The summary: Penguin published the Penguin Anthology of Canadian Short Stories, edited by Jane Urquardt. And a lot of people feel it's a lousy anthology, because it leaves out important short story writers and includes some who should have been omitted.

Of interest if you read short stories, or if you're interested in Canadian short stories.

message 2: by M.C. (new)

M.C. As a reader of short and lengthy tales, with a particular soft spot for HH Monroe, it appears Ms. Urquart is ignorant of the definition of 'short story' or worse, has feigned ignorance in order to include excerpts from her memoirs. Not only does that raise my ire, the lousy anthology perpetuates the notion Canadian authors are not worth reading.

message 3: by Janet (last edited Mar 02, 2009 05:21AM) (new)

Janet Russell | 1 comments For any one interested in putting short stories on their iPod or mp3 player I invite you to check out Rattling Books.

We are a Canadian audiobook publisher with a fondness for short stories.

At rattlingbooks.com you will find a small but fine selection that includes authors Lisa Moore, Mavis Gallant and Steven Heighton and a choice between buying whole collections or short fiction "singles". Collections may be mail ordered as MP3 CDs or downloaded directly from our site.

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