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Vermin Supreme™ (VerminSupreme) ((start))

Vermin Supreme™ (VerminSupreme) Converse sighed, lifting her front paw out of a mud puddle. It made a gross sucking noise, making Converse flatten her ears.

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Black Storm sniffed around and shook each paw and tried to get the mud off. "Stupid mud!" he hissed.

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((lol for our first post we both did of how our cats HATE the mud on their paws! lol))

Vermin Supreme™ (VerminSupreme) ((hehe.))

Converse glanced up at the sound of another cat. She made a low growling noise before prowling off out of the muddy area.

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Black Storm twitched his ears some and hissed even more "Who's their!"

Vermin Supreme™ (VerminSupreme) Converse stayed hidden. It was her first week in Thrail, and she wasn't in the mood to get kicked out.

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"Show yourself!" he bared his teeth and started to walk to where he could smell the cat.

Vermin Supreme™ (VerminSupreme) Converse hissed, finding no other way out. She stepped towards him, her tiny teeth showing.

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He smiled some "I was expecting a hunter or something bigger." he walked around her with his head lowered some "Not a puny she-cat like you"

Vermin Supreme™ (VerminSupreme) Converse frowned. "At least I have manners. Unlike some disrespectful brutes like you." She threw back at him.

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"Why thank you." he laughed some "Your new, what's your name?" he continued to walk around her.

Vermin Supreme™ (VerminSupreme) "Converse." She told him calmly, watching his every move.

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He nodded some "Do you have a job yet?"

Vermin Supreme™ (VerminSupreme) "no...." She mewed, narrowing her eyes. "Why do you ask?"

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"Just curiase." he shrugged some and then begin to leave.

Vermin Supreme™ (VerminSupreme) "wait!" Converse shouted, running after him. "could you maybe show me around...?" she asked.

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He looked at her with narrowed eyes "I guess."

Vermin Supreme™ (VerminSupreme) "Awesome." She mewed, dipping her head in thanks. "Where do we go to first?"

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"The places that you can make your home." he turned around "First the lower class." he started to walk towards the south side of town.

Vermin Supreme™ (VerminSupreme) Converse wrinkled up her nose at the putrid smell. "Do I have to live here?" she frowned.

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Jerry ((will one of you rp in forestdale? idk what to do, lol...))

Vermin Supreme™ (VerminSupreme) ((sure thing!!))

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Jerry ((WE NEED MORE MEMBERS!!! *tears hair out in frustration*))

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"Maybe at first, but this is the south side where all of the lower class cats live."

Vermin Supreme™ (VerminSupreme) ((I invited everyone I could....))

Converse let out a small groan. "I can't start off on middle class?" she whined.

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"No." he hissed "You have to work for it like I had to to get to where I am now." he got up and walked to where the middle class cats live "Come on!"

Vermin Supreme™ (VerminSupreme) Converse frowned, but ran up towards him to catch up.

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He flicked his tail towards some of the middle class cats "This is where only the cats in middle cats live, I don't know if I should show you where the upper class cats live."

Vermin Supreme™ (VerminSupreme) Converse cocked her head. "Why not?" she asked. "Am I too...poor?"

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"No some of the cats might not like it, like me." he laughed but shook his head.

Vermin Supreme™ (VerminSupreme) Converse flattened her ears, but nodded. "i'll be on my way now."

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"Alright, gonna tell the leader that your here, unless you already did."

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Vermin Supreme™ (VerminSupreme) Converse frowned. "I can tell the leader myself, thanks." She somewhat growled.

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Jerry ((can i make the leader?))

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((If you want to))

He nodded "Whatever. Have fun looking for him!" he went to where he had meet her.

Vermin Supreme™ (VerminSupreme) ((sure!))

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He soon got an idea and took a short cut to the leaders den, he stayed low to the ground like he was hunting but he moved fast.

Vermin Supreme™ (VerminSupreme) Converse stalked off, having not the slightest idea of where to find the leader.

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Black Storm climbed a tree to see if he could spot the leader from up their.

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Jerry Lynx sauntered across a rotten log that had fallen across a stream, eyes flickering like green flames.

Vermin Supreme™ (VerminSupreme) Converse cursed under her breath as her foot slipped, getting sucked into deep muddy mud.

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Jerry Lynx's head instantly swiveled, her green eyes latching onto Converse. "Who are you?" she asked disdainfully, looking her up and down.

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Black Storm saw Lynx with Converse. He did a daring jump and ran to where Lynx and Converse was.

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Jerry Lynx narrowed her eyes at Black Storm, her gaze flicking between the two cats. "What you two want?" she growled.

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He dipped his head to her "Lynx this is Converse, she's new here."

Vermin Supreme™ (VerminSupreme) Converse sighed, wishing the cat would help her. "My name is Converse."

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Jerry "And?" Lynx swished her tail impatiently.

Vermin Supreme™ (VerminSupreme) Converse shifted her foot around in the mud, trying to dislodge it. "And, I'd like to. here?" She offered.

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Jerry Lynx sat back on her haunches, a smirk on her face. "What makes you think you can even survive here?" she asked scornfully, watching as Converse struggled in the mud.

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