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message 1: by greekgeek (new)

greekgeek | 25 comments Mod
this is where you out your characters it should look something like this:

where he/she was born:...

you can have um for rite now 3 characters you can add anything you think is important to your characters profile in either extras or just put it on another one!
have fun!

message 2: by greekgeek (new)

greekgeek | 25 comments Mod
Name: Naomi
Height:7'8"(in dragon form)
where she was born:unknown
extra:she is a shape shifter and has amnesia her personality depends on the form she is in but she's usually very curious and playful

message 3: by greekgeek (new)

greekgeek | 25 comments Mod
(you don't have to add height you can do personality in its place and you can be anything you want you can have super powers but everybody is equal and none of the characters can kill one another but kidnapping from an uknown character is allowed)

message 4: by greekgeek (new)

greekgeek | 25 comments Mod
Name: fushi
personality:fun loving and curious
where she was born:tyfanni island in faterii planet
extra:she can partly read minds and is a partial shapeshifter like everyone from her planet she came to earth to look for her long lost brother so they could save the universe from an unknown evil

message 5: by Kota (new)

Kota Name: Thissle

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Species: usually human, except 10 times smaller, but can shape-shift into anything (p.s. she only speaks in bells. Meaning, when she talks, all you hear are bells, but somehow you can understand exactly what she is saying)

Personality: clever, mischevious, and quiet. Shy until you get to know her

Appearance: thick black hair down to her knees that is always in a single braid. Big blue eyes and pale skin.

message 6: by greekgeek (new)

greekgeek | 25 comments Mod
(wow! now we can start rp-ing!)

message 7: by Kataury (new)

Kataury hm...
appearance:Black hair and grey eyes. A little on the skinny side but strong, and... slightly tall.
extra:hm... this will be interesting, he can't remember anything except his name and that he's running from something.
Powers:(though he will rarely use it) Telekinesis

message 8: by Allison (new)

Allison (abriea) | 36 comments Name:Juliet
age: appears 15
height: 4'11"
appearance: black eyes, long, black, silky, straight hair, always wears a long, black, billowing cloak
personality: appears dark and antisocial but is actually very friendly
Powers: Control shadows and make them tangible (touchable)

Fumphwoog, Lady of all Sorrows (fumphwoog) Name: Victor
species: Vampire
age: 18
height: 6'3"
gender: Male
extra: Victor was born in 1515 in Germany inside a poor family. He was turned while he was out in the forest hunting for food for his family. When he discovered what he had become though he was disgusted with himself and had to leave.
It was 1559 when he went to England and met Queen Elizabeth the 1st. And he fell in love with her, and she fell in love with him. But they didn't want their love to be known ((you can understand can't you? he IS a vampire...))and so they met in secret. They had been lovers for over two years when she finally popped the question. "Will you turn me?" Victor refused, saying that she didn't want to be a monster like he was. She fought back saying he was no monster and that she loved him and wanted to spend her life with him. It was then Victor knew things had gone to far. So, desperate to keep his love from wanting such a dark fate, he cleared her mind from all memory of him, and he left.
Victor has been wandering the world ever since, not a care in the world as to what he feeds on. ((so yes, he feeds on humans))Determined to be forever lonely. :(

message 10: by ♥Jenny♥ (last edited Jan 31, 2009 08:07PM) (new)

♥Jenny♥ | 96 comments Name: Emily
Age: 14
Species: human/ Elf
Personality:kind,caring, loves her brother,Bubbly, Out-going and sometimes very Sarcastic
Appearance: [image error]
Other: Coban's little sister and is a Dragon ridder, she is trying to help coban.

Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (falls) Name: Jasmine
species: Elf
age: 138
gender: Female
Personality: Stubborn, but kind and caring, fast, strong
extra: can do magic.

message 12: by Kataury (new)

Kataury I don't know.... I've tried like a million times.

message 13: by Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (last edited Jan 17, 2009 03:21PM) (new)

Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (falls) You go like this.
[image error]
with spaces for asterisks.

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♥Jenny♥ | 96 comments [image error]

space for asterisks

message 15: by greekgeek (new)

greekgeek | 25 comments Mod
dude...so many characters so little roleplay.

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