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message 1: by Lisa (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:55PM) (new)

Lisa Vegan (LisaVegan) | 8940 comments I’ve read other threads and I think there is a way to do this, but I’m ignorant about how to do such things so I haven’t been able to decipher the instructions.

Can anybody tell me, if it’s even possible, how to get the books on our shelves (I want to do this with my read, my to-read, my currently reading, and my reviewed shelves) to documents on our computers?

I have a Mac, not Windows, if that makes any difference.

Also, what information can be transferred from our shelves? (once again, if this is even possible)

Thanks for any help. I’d like a back-up of my rated & reviewed Goodreads books on my computer as well as at the Goodreads web site.

message 2: by Otis, Chief Goodreader (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:56PM) (new)

Otis Chandler | 4184 comments Mod

Its easy. Just go to 'my books', then 'import', the 'export my books' (on the right side). Then save the file to your computer.

message 3: by Lisa (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:56PM) (new)

Lisa Vegan (LisaVegan) | 8940 comments Ah, Thanks so much Otis.

Only thing is, the only way it seems to work is with ALL my Goodreads books on ALL shelves and ALL fields on the shelves.

Is there a way to do individual shelves separately?

Right now I seem to have a 350 page (!) Excel document that has all my books/shelves with all fields.

Have a feeling I need remedial basic computer skills, but I've never don't anything exactly like this before. If this is too basic, nevermind; I can figure it out elsewhere. Thanks.

message 4: by Otis, Chief Goodreader (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:58PM) (new)

Otis Chandler | 4184 comments Mod
Hi Lisa,

Unfortunately there isn't a simple way, but it shouldn't be hard to to sort by shelf using Excel and break things apart. Or you can use our API and do it programmatically (requires programming skills though).

message 5: by Lisa (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:59PM) (new)

Lisa Vegan (LisaVegan) | 8940 comments Ok, Thank you. I'll play around in Excel. I hope this data base is stable though. Because can't seem to consistently export my book list to Excel. At least when my whole list got to my computer, I could edit in Excel, but the last few times I tried, only a handful of my books exported. Confused.

Ideally, I'd like to be able to keep 4 separate records in documents on my computer: 1. my to-read shelf, 2. my currently reading shelf, 3. my read shelf (all books read), and 4. my reviewed shelf. Thought I could do that within Excel, but I'm not finding it so easy to get it right, or even download/export properly. And the books on my shelves change frequently so I'd have to be able to do this more than once or twice!

And, I have no programming skills. (Makes me want to learn!)

So, if anybody here is willing to be extra patient and give me instructions, as step-by-step as you can stand, I'd really appreciate it.

In order to not clog up these boards (since I assume there aren't too many other clueless people here), please send any helpful information to me in a message. (If anybody here is as ignorant as I am and would like info too, if I've received any, if you message me, I'll be happy to pass all of it along. Please make sure your profile is set up to receive messages back!)


P.S. For the moment, I've found it easiest to go to the print view of my shelves and copy & paste each list into a MS Word document. But, it's not an ideal solution. (no star ratings, etc. fields shown)

message 6: by Tim (new)

Tim | 93 comments heh, one side effect of all messages being marked as "new" at the moment is i am seeing some messages i have not read before, since they were posted before i joined the site. This is such a one.

No idea if ye have found a good solution to this Lisa but there is an easy way.

Export everything.
In Excel once the file is opened, click on the cell in the top left of the sheet, it should highlight everything.
On the top main dropdown menu, choose "Data", then "Sort", then "Sort by" and select "Bookshelves", and Ok.
This will rearrange all rows in a new order - the relevant one for ye is column N i believe, Bookshelves. It should now be listed in alphabetical order.
Scroll down until ye find the shelf ye want. Note, if ye have multiple shelves for one book, this will only really work for the first shelf name alphabetically. So the "to-read" shelf is trickier, while "currently-reading" is easy.
It's harder for me as i have so many shelves. For someone with limited shelves it is easier.
Then go to menu again and choose, "insert", "new worksheet". Ye will see a new tab at the bottom, name it what shelf ye wish.
Go back to first worksheet, select the rows of the shelf ye want, copy and then paste them into the new worksheet. Voila.

The other trickier way, with multiple shelf names not making it list in order easily - press "Ctrl+f", then type "to-read" and select "find all".
Every book with "to-read" will list below. Click in that list and press "Ctrl+a" then press close.
Now ye will see each instance highlighted. Awkward part now, press and keep pressed, "Ctrl" and left mouse click each row number opposite which the cell is highlighted. Once done, on top menu, choose "edit" "copy" and then go to new worksheet for new shelf and edit - paste.

message 7: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Vegan (LisaVegan) | 8940 comments Tim, Thanks so much. I figured out/was helped with the basics. But, I just copied & pasted & saved this latest post of yours. I appreciate the detailed help.

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